Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes Ideas

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How to Choose Exterior Colors for Your Home

On this episode of Around the House with Matt and Shari, Shari explains how to select colors for all aspects of your home's exterior. Visit Our Website: https://www.progressivefoam.com/ FOLLOW PFT ON SOCIAL ► https://facebook.com/progressivefoam ► https://twitter.com/progressivefoam ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/1499481/ Would you like the our latest updates delivered to your inbox? Join our blog! https://hubs.ly/H09BPhc0

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Musician's Incredible Modern Tiny House & Mobile Music Studio

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10 Secret Homes Hidden From Society

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Home Exterior Paint Color Schemes Ideas

The exterior’s color of the house reflects the character of the owner. In addition to color selection based on the owner's favourite, the colour scheme also needs to be adjusted to the architectural style of their home. There are several architectural styles can be applied which are modern minimalist, vernacular, Mediterranean, colonial, contemporary, American farmhouse, Victorian and many more. Each of the styles has its own characteristic so, with the right coloring, it will make your home looks stunning.

The modern house is one of the styles which most people use nowadays. Generally, people use a combination of black and white (02:14, 08:25 & 10:53) or dark brown and white (00:07) in color schemes of modern minimalist style. The other popular natural color which is used is a combination of broken white, natural wood and sometimes stone wall accent is applied for point of interest (12:56). For a bold concept, red is an optional color to be applied the building envelope (06: 02). It will be great to blend red and yellow with additional gray or white accents to get a more neutral sense (12:24). For a modern cubistic house, it would be more interesting to use colorful walls with more than 3 colors (01:54).

Unlike modern homes that tend to be able to use 3 colors in a color scheme, the American farmhouse style has more limited color choices. Mostly, building envelopes of American farmhouse use only one color (or maximum using two tones) and use a contrast color for window frames as an accent. It can use a combination of the white color scheme with beige (00:19) or white and light gray (01: 01). Or for a cleaner look, you can use white walls and windows with a little extra gray on one side only. Contrast color schemes can be reached using dark blue walls and plain white frames or other bold color options such as red (6:02 ), turquoise(05:03), green and orange (09:41) to black (01:06).

If your house is the Mediterranean style, bright colors will be more suitable, such as yellow (03:43), orange (01:18) to crimson (01:36). Neutral soil color will also be interesting, such as beige (02:33) and light gray (00: 59) as well as dark gray (02:01). For a cleaner concept, can use all in white façade concept (07:16).

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