GRF vs GEN Highlights Game 2 LCK Spring 2019 W8D1 Griffin vs Gen G Esports by Onivia

Published on Mar 14, 2019 74,671 views

GRF vs GEN Highlights Game 2 LCK Spring 2019 W8D1 Griffin vs Gen G Esports by Onivia
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  • Rayd Fahrenheit
    Rayd Fahrenheit 1 week ago Mechanics of a true world champion. Ruler is clean.
  • gia khánh
    gia khánh 1 week ago sorry. i am not english native speaker. what is "mechanics"? I 've met this world a lot stil don't know what it is.
  • Rayd Fahrenheit
    Rayd Fahrenheit 1 week ago Good understanding of the game together with how to play the role.
  • Izunyaa
    Izunyaa 1 week ago @gia khánh It refers to how a player pilots a champion, specifically more towards the micro plays.
  • gia khánh
    gia khánh 1 week ago I got it. thank a bunch
  • Kisaji King
    Kisaji King 1 week ago Griffin would be undefeated at the end of the split Ruler: hold my beer
  • Emuan Abrams
    Emuan Abrams 1 week ago (edited) Ruler: SIKE I'm about to end this man's career
  • lv.1 crook
    lv.1 crook 1 week ago (edited) vayne being cancer broken and autowinning if u dont int early: hold my beer
  • Alien
    Alien 1 week ago Ruler: Hold my Vayne.
  • Steven Tundag
    Steven Tundag 6 days ago One man carry that vayne though peanut got carry again
  • chris a
    chris a 1 week ago Jin air won a game so griffin must lose. The balance of power must be preserved
  • mystic
    mystic 1 week ago thanos:perfectly balanced as all things should be
  • Agam Albari
    Agam Albari 1 week ago Lol it happens
  • takosumi uchiha
    takosumi uchiha 1 week ago Gen.G studied how Sandbox and T1 almost defeated them. Lels.
  • apo nt
    apo nt 1 week ago yeah Im suprised that no one says that
  • Tim H
    Tim H 1 week ago can we all agree to continue to call them SKT even after they get rebranded
  • 自由
    自由 1 week ago Gen.G finally wakes up But it's too late.
  • diego diaz
    diego diaz 1 week ago More like Griff shutted down.
  • Filip RaM
    Filip RaM 1 week ago Too late? Just in time not to get demoted lol
  • fuk me
    fuk me 1 week ago The important is they defeated the undefeated team lol they just deny grf hard
  • diego diaz
    diego diaz 1 week ago @fuk me they are not undefeated, they lost to skt too.
  • dylan suarez
    dylan suarez 1 week ago Perdieron juegos mas no encuentros, por eso van 20-0 ... o iban 20-0
  • Rus
    Rus 1 week ago @diego diaz in series they are undefeated. Griffin won 2-1 vs SKT, they were 12-0 and would have probably accomplish 18-0 if Gen G didn't deny them today.
  • diego diaz
    diego diaz 1 week ago (edited) @Rus I am aware the last time they lost a series was against GenG last year, the point is that they have lost a game against skt already even if it wasn't the whole match.
  • Alien
    Alien 1 week ago Gen G the ultimate GRF cockblocker. Denied them going to worlds in 2018 and denied a pefect 18-0 record in 2019.
  • A Oh
    A Oh 1 week ago You're right. I just checked standings and they have no chance of making playoffs lol... I wonder why they even looked so happy after winning.. I guess they are fighting for 7th place..
  • A Oh
    A Oh 1 week ago @Alien Gen G coach only knows how to beat 1 team well. LOL
  • Jules
    Jules 1 week ago Watch Gen G do well enough in summer to go to Worlds and they end up winning...that would be fucking crazy although I don't want to happen
  • Christian Faustinorio
    Christian Faustinorio 1 week ago @A Oh well if you deafeated the undefeated you would be really happy. And I guess they alteast dont want to go through relegations
  • Symm C. Kenny
    Symm C. Kenny 1 week ago can't wait to see vayne fail in NA lcs this week
  • Hamdi Esen
    Hamdi Esen 1 week ago GigaLuL
  • Marcel Ngo
    Marcel Ngo 1 week ago True lol it gonna be omegalul tho
  • Đức Thái Nguyễn
    Đức Thái Nguyễn 1 week ago haha thats true
  • j f
    j f 1 week ago 4fun region OMEGALUL
    SLENDERNER 1 week ago You'll be waiting forever jerk !
  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez 1 week ago Hahahahaha best comment
  • Pham Cuong
    Pham Cuong 1 week ago Just literally said that Griffin will not go undeated this split after their games against SKT. Griffin showed quite amount of mistakes in that series. Sandbox almost took them down, and now GenG did it. Insane Vayne plays from Ruler.
  • Jean Fernando Nunes Borges
    Jean Fernando Nunes Borges 1 week ago Easy to point fingers after a loss.
  • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Replays
    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Replays 1 week ago ye but i would never tell that gen g will be first to win, more like kingzone. gen.g was showing true tragedy last games
  • A F
    A F 1 week ago Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Replays Gen G gauntlet dream will become true
  • fuk me
    fuk me 1 week ago They are dumb not banning liss vayne and braum in game 2
  • Harumi Chihiro
    Harumi Chihiro 1 week ago I think the problem is they keep using the same strat over and over again while GenG coming up with something fresh just like how other regions easily dethrone Korea in World 2018 by becoming the meta themselves.
  • Aki Niran
    Aki Niran 1 week ago (edited) @Harumi Chihiro you know nothing about geng they use the same strat for long time. Ad carry late, mid hard cc safe farm, tank jung the strat today litteraly is the same strat they used to defeat skt in world final 2017
  • F M
    F M 1 week ago You couldn't say that caz the other best 2 teams were already defeated in the 2nd round
  • A Oh
    A Oh 1 week ago if ruler plays like this again on vayne then vayne needs to be banned.
  • wtf of wtf
    wtf of wtf 1 week ago Skt broke Grf lul
  • Charleh Chaplen
    Charleh Chaplen 1 week ago He means exposing their weaknesses like against good team fighting comps
  • Viiino ML
    Viiino ML 1 week ago @Charleh Chaplen how does Skt expose Griffin's weakness? Can you please elaborate? Bronzemind here. haha!
  • Cynic
    Cynic 1 week ago Enlighten us
  • ColonelMeteorz
    ColonelMeteorz 1 week ago @Viiino ML Play high tempo game against griffin, but to be able to play high tempo you need the individual talent to match. All just SKT did was to confirm that the top chinese teams can beat Griffin. Gen.G did something different, they drafted out scaling, picked utility mid and jg, and just negated the mid/jg duo of griffin. Basically, Gen.G showed that Tarzan and chovy dont need to be beaten, you can just even with them and let the others lanes carry. This lost is very important to griffin, because all the top chinese team have insane mid jg duos that can match griffn's, Rookie/Ning, Karsa/Xiaohu, Knight9/Xx, DoinB/Tian and either a strong bot or stronger top. Basically Griffin can reflect on these past two games and become even stronger. If griffin doesnt fix these issues, even if they end up beating skt 70% of the time, SKT still would be a better match against the chinese.
  • takosumi uchiha
    takosumi uchiha 1 week ago @ColonelMeteorz well said man.
  • James Lucena
    James Lucena 1 week ago @ColonelMeteorz thank you!
  • Viiino ML
    Viiino ML 1 week ago @ColonelMeteorz Thanks siiiiir!
  • Dale Andrew Samson
    Dale Andrew Samson 1 week ago ColonelMeteorz Nc analyzation .
  • Soulfire Shadow
    Soulfire Shadow 1 week ago Gen.g destroying GRF dreams yet again lol
  • JuanPe Dib
    JuanPe Dib 1 week ago Enemy’s Vayne in ranked: Gen G Ruler My teams Vayne in ranked: 0/8/0 44cs min 15 This game showed the mechanichs of a world champion, what a god is Ruler
  • vũ dương
    vũ dương 1 week ago :D
  • Dinh Vinh Linh Nguyen
    Dinh Vinh Linh Nguyen 1 week ago Can't believe GenG is the first one to decode Tarzan
  • AJ Tecson
    AJ Tecson 5 hours ago Dinh Vinh Linh Nguyen after all those exposure of weakness
  • El Ayuwoki
  • Lucio Landivisnay
    Lucio Landivisnay 1 week ago Griffin esta probando nuevas composiciones y nuevas estrategias... si analizas la comp.. es muy diferente a como venia jugando...
  • 8 Bits Plus
    8 Bits Plus 1 week ago Griffin no se adapto al parche
  • José AB
    José AB 1 week ago @Lucio Landivisnay no puedes probar composiciones por que las los parches un dia tienen a un champ roto en el meta y al otro desaparece (akali). Quizas no les acomoda el nuevo o les falta pulirlo mas, pero ahora no se ve tan fuerte como venia siendo y los otros equipos lo estan viendo
  • Lucio Landivisnay
    Lucio Landivisnay 1 week ago @José AB si supieras un poco , las composiciones no varian con campeones , esten o no en el meta, por ej . rakan esta en un pesimo estado , y aun asi los banean , o banean lucian ,que esta totalmente nerfeado ... por ejemplo ahora jugaron una comp de engage facil , con xinzhao / galio tratando de asegurar el early /mid game con el lucian y xin zhao .. mientras que gen g , jugo a puro late y haciendo full peel a la vayne . Son composiciones , que no tienen nada que ver independientemente del meta. RNG juega a proteger a uzi , GRIFFIN juega a stompear jungla rival , (teniendo en cuenta que chovy / tarzan son de los mejores en sus posiciones respectivamente ) , G2 juega a stompear con lineas ganadoras (caps. perkz ) .SKT juega a darle un hardcarry a khan y confort pick a teddy , y asi ... es muy complejo esto de "las composiciones" y se entiende que griffin pruebe , ya que practicamente aseguraron los playoffs . y el primer puesto ...
  • Adonnis Lopez
    Adonnis Lopez 1 week ago (edited) @Lucio Landivisnay Cállate pvta rata, ya perdió Griffin. Deja de ser fanboy cabrón de mierda, acepta que GEN fue superior, basura.
  • ComentarioPromedio
    ComentarioPromedio 1 week ago @Adonnis Lopez KT?
  • Daichi Nishihara
    Daichi Nishihara 1 week ago Losing against Gen G AGAIN!!! xD there won't be a MSI or worlds pass again:u
  • Ize Senpai
    Ize Senpai 1 week ago Top 10 most shocking results in the history of league of legends lmao and hell yeah ruler was one of my favorite adc ever since then GG Gen G!
  • FlashTV
    FlashTV 1 week ago Besides Ruler popping off and GenG playing well together, it was honestly a shit draft from Griffin in game 1 and 2.
  • Ade117
    Ade117 1 week ago GenG might not make playoffs this split, but this roster has potential for summer. Ruler's Vayne is so clean.
  • fuk me
    fuk me 1 week ago 12-0 team got beaten by a 9th place team lol they got 3 mountain drake 1 baron steal and they choke what a joke
  • Marie Weccon
    Marie Weccon 1 week ago Its not a joke. The vayne was a good pick for Gen G. They did well, as for griffen they were over confident.
  • fuk me
    fuk me 1 week ago @Marie Weccon its a joke how they lose because they didn't banned vayne in game 2 and ad neeko on top and they pick the same team comp ryze already blosing to neeko game 1 still not banned in game 2
  • Causatum
    Causatum 1 week ago so its clear now what is the strategy against GRF, they struggle against good team fighting teams, so if they cant snow ball you in the early-mid games you got a shot against them
  • mustaqim hadi
    mustaqim hadi 1 week ago No fam they drafted a comp where they had to win before 3 items and failed miserably.
  • ahah ihih
    ahah ihih 1 week ago LOL you know nothing. Every team come into the game with a plan, based on their Lucian Ryze Zoe, they want to snowball and win before Vayne gets her item. But on other games, they would pick Vladimir Irelia so they could crush the mid game team fights. It’s all come down to which team execute the plan better. If you give Griffin a team fight comps they will crush you in team fights. The only way to beat Griffin is to play better than they did, no way around
  • Cyrekt
    Cyrekt 1 week ago They just drafted weird comps for their style. I guarantee that trying to play teamfights vs Grf with a comp more like their style would get you smashed
  • Clap clap
    Clap clap 1 week ago Gen g: 3 mountain drakes? You can have that, we will take objectives one way or another. Grf: oh yeah? We have tarzan! Gen g: ok, we take him down first. Lmao, grf getting their assess handed to them by Ruler's vayne.
  • dean's trash
    dean's trash 1 week ago Get rekt grf . Tired of seeing this team winning .
  • Erkan görgülü
    Erkan görgülü 1 week ago dude they didn't even win worlds yet, chill
  • dean's trash
    dean's trash 1 week ago @Erkan görgülü nah . i dont even bother to watch grf cause i know they would win. but then the game that i decided to watch ( cause obviously its GenG) they lost :D yeet
  • fuk me
    fuk me 1 week ago Griffin game are boring top team in korea but loses on team fight always fighting passively and got stomp by gen g lol