Pay $100 for a Property! Target Delinquent Property Taxes!

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Pay $50 for a Property! Targeting Delinquent Property Taxes!

Pay $50 For a Property! Targeting Delinquent Property Taxes. There are so many ways to acquire property with delinquent taxes it's scary. You can Wholesale the property, use Subject to to create a deal, buy and hold the property, fix and flip you can even work these deals with no equity on a lease option. This video is an example of creative real estate financing ✔️ Delinquent Property Tax Course ✔️Baby Steps to Wholesaling Real Estate ✔️ Pre-foreclosure Investing E-Book Click Here⬇️ ✔️Join the House Flipping Family ✔️ Wholesaling made easy ✔️ Ready to Flip Your First House? ✔️ Pay $100 for a Property! Target Delinquent Property Taxes #delinquentpropertytaxes #wholesaling #realestateinvesting #creativerealestate

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Flip This House Flipping Houses For Beginners and strategies to wholesale houses unconventionally. Real estate investing has many different exit strategies and you have to pick the right strategy that works for you. Real estate investors understand that you must be an expert at finding motivated sellers leads. It is crucial to your real estate investing business. Real Estate Investing Podcast

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Pay $100 for a property targeting Delinquent Property Taxes. There are owners every day through out the country that are falling behind on their property taxes for 1 reason or another. The goal is to get as many people to mail to as possible. If you are starting out you can make low ball offers on the property like $100.

Once you get a yes from someone you can have them deed the property over to you, pay the back taxes and keep the property or pay the $100, wholesale the property to an investor, collect a wholesale fee and make money that way.

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