Detroit Pistons vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights | March 11, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Published on Mar 11, 2019 91,370 views

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Brooklyn Nets vs Detroit Pistons - Full Game Highlights | March 11, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto 2 weeks ago Like & Subscribe for more NBA Highlights all season long!
  • Sippy123
    Sippy123 2 weeks ago The nets are an example of a team with really good chemistry
  • JustinTheGoat
    JustinTheGoat 2 weeks ago Sippy123 yup also the pacers
  • Rich Richington
    Rich Richington 2 weeks ago @JustinTheGoat imagine nets and pacers matching up in playoffs😦😦
  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 1 week ago @Rich Richington Just like 2002
  • Craig Hauser
    Craig Hauser 1 week ago @Rich Richington yup people been talking about how amazing a match up like that would be! Def the most exciting 1st round matchup and I think the Nets would most likely win since they simply have a more talented roster
  • exillens
    exillens 2 weeks ago Kurucs activity at the 4 has impacted the whole team dynamic. dLo seems more locked in on defense despite not shooting well lately
  • Andy Velasquez
    Andy Velasquez 2 weeks ago Kurucs is a future allstar!!!
  • pika5451
    pika5451 2 weeks ago Nobody saw this coming from the Nets 🔥🔥🔥
  • bert fromarketin
    bert fromarketin 2 weeks ago Nope
  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs 2 weeks ago Just to think. We all slept on the nets for years, and we all thought lonzo would be better than deangelo.
  • Kd Green
    Kd Green 2 weeks ago Seth Dobbs no you thought that
  • Michael Yang
    Michael Yang 2 weeks ago Please don’t assume we all as foolish as you
  • Cam Nguyen
    Cam Nguyen 2 weeks ago I never doubt my man DLo
  • Seth Dobbs
    Seth Dobbs 1 week ago Im sure once upon a time yall went through that stage
  • M B
    M B 2 weeks ago I just realized that the Nets remaining opponents are either Top-5 in the East, in the West playoffs, Sacramento or the Lakers 😅 The Lakers are by far their worst remaining opponent, hopefully they can secure enough wins to make the playoffs.
  • Joelando Butterfield
    Joelando Butterfield 1 week ago Nets should make the playoffs at the sixth seed and face the Sixers or Pacers.
  • Killa Klan
    Killa Klan 2 weeks ago this is refreshing. you can only watch so many lakers, warriors, celtics and rockets games. shit gets old real fast
  • Jules Santana
    Jules Santana 1 week ago Kuruucs is really showing out, great speed scoring and active hands. Also 4:55 look at the bench from when Dinwiddie hits that 3 man this team plays for each other and I havent seen another team show as much support for each other also was dying when they were doing the leg kicks lmao.
  • Alden Lim
    Alden Lim 2 weeks ago Clippers and the nets are the biggest suprise this season
  • Ace Ruther
    Ace Ruther 1 week ago So are the Kings
  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 2 weeks ago Dance dance dance for Brooklyn especially in the bench players are going crazy I love it when there's no 🍒 pickings in the team, no stars in only the best 3 pointshooter in the NBA mister Harris.
  • Toms Ģelzis
    Toms Ģelzis 2 weeks ago They should have made a steal charter in the end of highlights, Kurucs would be 1st all the time, he had like 7steals 😎
  • BadAssBullet12
    BadAssBullet12 2 weeks ago AIR LATVIA!
  • Michael Cabangunay
    Michael Cabangunay 1 week ago (edited) I Love nets depth its kinda balance. Im rooting for this team since start of the season.
  • asa lim
    asa lim 2 weeks ago RODI!!!!!!
  • Raphael Champion
    Raphael Champion 2 weeks ago The Nets were playing so much D, I thought it was a gangbang video!!!
  • AGK927
    AGK927 2 weeks ago They weren't playing any defense you idiot. The pistons just missed wide open shots
  • Mr muffin
    Mr muffin 2 weeks ago @AGK927 damn your bumass has commented in every single video about this game
  • Mr muffin
    Mr muffin 2 weeks ago @AGK927 pistons suck they got 75 no excuses pistons aint going anywhereeeeeeeee
  • Bobby Jakes
    Bobby Jakes 2 weeks ago AGK927 Soooo your pistons went 27-97 from the field.. Y’all missed 70 wide open shots ?? Too me that seems like that’s worse than saying the Nets ain’t play Defense
  • AGK927
    AGK927 2 weeks ago @Bobby Jakes that's why the nets didnt play defense. The pistons had 30 open shots that they missed nets were lucky pistons were off tonight
  • IDoneDuked Bot
    IDoneDuked Bot 2 weeks ago @AGK927 Maybe its not luck. Maybe it was the effort from the nets and that they're the better team?
  • Daughter Of Yah
    Daughter Of Yah 2 weeks ago @IDoneDuked Bot Hardly. Your team will be in 6th place for a moment. We were off and it falls on US, not what Brooklyn did.
  • TheSaltMaker
    TheSaltMaker 1 week ago Detroit Brickstons were building a castle with those Bricks.
  • Mark de Spot
    Mark de Spot 2 weeks ago Captain Latvia is ballin...
  • Professor Beast
    Professor Beast 2 weeks ago 73 POINTS???
  • AGK927
    AGK927 2 weeks ago 75. But yeah I know it reminds me of like a game in 2012
  • Mr muffin
    Mr muffin 2 weeks ago @AGK927 samething
  • Kentwone D. Townsend
    Kentwone D. Townsend 2 weeks ago AGK927 nah not even that early, more like 05’
  • Sherman Ng
    Sherman Ng 2 weeks ago DLo=MIP for sure 👍👍