Stylish Front Door Entrance Decorating Ideas | decorating ideas exterior doors

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How to Paint Tile Floors with a Stencil

Learn how to paint tile floors with a stencil with my step by step tutorial. Get the look of farmhouse cement tile on a budget! ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs: MATERIALS: Chalked Paint in Charcoal Santa Ana Tile Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils Chalked Paint in Linen White Varathane Polyurethane Finish NOTE : I don't use this stove because it's in my work studio, but if you're painting tile around a stove or fireplace that you use, use heat-safe paint and sealant. READ MY BLOG POST FOR MORE PHOTOS & INFO: MY NEW STUDIO TOUR: Have some old tile in a low traffic spot that you want to transform? Painting it with chalk style paint and a stencil will update it and give it a HUGE wow factor! I love how this tiled area in my studio looks now. I hope you enjoy this tile painting and stenciling tutorial! HERE'S where I found my inspiration: Find more DIYs on my blog: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: Pin with me on Pinterest: Tweet with me on Twitter: Snail mail me: Christina Dennis PO Box 2733 Stony Plain AB T7Z 1Y2 CANADA PLEASE NOTE: While I've made every effort to make sure this video contains accurate information, I'm not a professional and not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur in connection to the information contained here. Please complete the projects featured on my channel at your own risk and consult a professional if you have any questions. Be safe & have fun! DISCLOSURE: The tile stencil for this project was provided to me by Cutting Edge Stencils for promotional purposes. This video description may contain affiliate links. When you purchase an item via these links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Music: AudioNetwork

How to Make a Bonsai Pot? - BEAUTIFUL, White & Shiny!

How to Make a Bonsai Pot? - (Urdu|Hindi) ► YouTube Training Course in Urdu|Hindi: ==================================================== ► Our Facebook User ID: ====================================================== ► Our Kitchen Gardening Facebook Group: ====================================================== ► Subscribe Our Kitchen Gardening Channel for Daily Updates: ====================================================== ► Visit Our Kitchen Gardening Blog: ====================================================== ► Check Out Our Playlists to Watch Your Favorite Category's Videos: ======================================================

Feng Shui for your Entry Way Video

Please enjoy these tips on how to use feng shui principles for your front door and your entry way. For more information please visit The approach to the house, the front door and the entry way are very important in feng shui. This is the place where people and energy enter the house. So these areas better be beautiful to attract good energy. This is why a red color often is great for the front door especially if your front door is located in the S, SW or SE. Well, it doesn’t have to be red-red, it can be any shade of red that looks good with the house and looks great to you. As you can see for this door we chose a hot pink color which goes wonderfully with this particular yellow exterior color. It is very important that you love the color. If you do then when you approach your house your spirit will unavoidably lift up. So spend some time choosing the color you will love! Also hang a wreath or a flower basket on your front door, place some flowers around it. It will further enhance the energy and it will make you smile. Now we are in the entry way. This is the place from where all of this good energy that we are inviting to enter will distribute throughout the house. It is great if it is spacious and well lit or has some natural light. Now, if there would be one area in the house where you absolutely cannot have any clutter, guess what: this would be your entry way! Have your clothes and shoes in the closet, don’t let them accumulate in the entry way. I often get questions about mirrors in the entry way. Yes, mirrors are great here, but not across the door. First it is weird to see yourself in the mirror right when you open your door, second it will reflect all the beneficial energy right back. In this entry way we have a mirror on the side and it reflects lush plants and the nature in window from the other room. If your entry is small and you have a situation when the wall is too close to the door it is a good idea to place a piece of art with the road or vista to open up the space. Like this piece of art with the road. It certainly opens up the space. Note the colors are warm and it creates a welcoming feeling. Thanks for watching! We are only scratching a surface here in this video. For more information please visit my website and read my blog at

This ingenious duvet cover trick will change your life

Inhabitat editor Yuka Yoneda shows you a cool trick that will make changing a duvet cover much easier. See the full story here:


Hi my amazing friends i hope all of you are well today. With this DIY tool you can carry doors - plywood and much more .. The advantage of this tool is that you can walk almost everywhere grass - asphalt-up - down. so this tool will save your back and you will not be as tired.. NEW Genius !! IDEA for CARS TOP 16 AWESOME DIY IDEAS and INVENTIONS!!! WOW !!! 4 AWESOME HOMEMEDE INVENTIONS Know More Subscribe here: Check my Other videos :

Stylish Front Door Entrance Decorating Ideas | decorating ideas exterior doors
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