LA Lakers vs Toronto Raptors - 1st Qtr Highlights | March 14, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Published on Mar 14, 2019 49,717 views

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Toronto Raptors vs LA Los Angeles Lakers - Full Game Highlights | March 14, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto 1 week ago Full Game Highlights:
  • ryanrhea1
    ryanrhea1 1 week ago No Mercy to Lebron. Raptors for the win
  • Bimjiveli
    Bimjiveli 1 week ago another L for the lakers
  • Djymensley Beauvil
    Djymensley Beauvil 1 week ago Bimjiveli yes sirrrrrr
  • 100% Facts
    100% Facts 1 week ago The L stand for lost The A stand for again LA Lakers lmao!
  • Jamarrio Obear
    Jamarrio Obear 1 week ago Lol Lmao Dont tell me the Raptors 2nd and 3rd string gon beat that ass
  • Jamarrio Obear
    Jamarrio Obear 1 week ago They need to cut out way in Canada lawd but you know i actually thought they was going to dress it up for Lebron though
  • 李文啟
    李文啟 1 week ago 豪小整個拖累隊友
  • Adrian Gonzales
    Adrian Gonzales 1 week ago Even with the lakers struggling and bad shooting.......they could of easily beat the Raptors......hopefully next year the LAKERS get a shooter .....that's what practically is killing the lakers.....those free open shots and missing them cost them games.......
  • Slender_Flick Gameplays
    Slender_Flick Gameplays 1 week ago Another game.for LOSERS Lebron J, aint playing like to win,. So sick watching him
  • Hehehe Hahaha
    Hehehe Hahaha 1 week ago D pinapalaro c LeBron amp😒
  • Joms P.
    Joms P. 1 week ago my tulo si skusta clee
  • Edgar Brito
    Edgar Brito 1 week ago Lebum defense at 1:55 shamefull lepushed to play defense
  • South Of Heaven
    South Of Heaven 1 week ago Rondo, very unselfish...
  • Duane Drummond
    Duane Drummond 1 week ago Who are the lebron groupies that cheer everytime he scores or makes a play.. SMH
  • ktmjack1
    ktmjack1 1 week ago Duane Drummond people who are fans of lebron obviously..
  • riverdale67th
    riverdale67th 1 week ago Lebron b crying like a lil bitch.
  • PhotoDomVlogs
    PhotoDomVlogs 1 week ago first
  • Epic Stars
    Epic Stars 1 week ago Giving toronto quite a headache
  • Faraz Ashraf
    Faraz Ashraf 1 week ago Lebron❤
  • john vasquez
    john vasquez 1 week ago What Lakers lost again come on man give back the money lebroke ha ha ha ha ha
  • Jacky Yip
    Jacky Yip 1 week ago stormin norrman
  • Vin25Cent
    Vin25Cent 1 week ago Free win for the toronto
  • Osazuwa Ogbeide
    Osazuwa Ogbeide 1 week ago it always a good day when Lebron loses
  • Zoro Solo
    Zoro Solo 1 week ago 1:33 OH SHIT!