[DIY] How to apply pre-pasted wallpaper Matching printed wallpaper patterns

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How To Hang Pre-pasted Wallpaper for Beginners (paper by Bouclair Home) - DIY

This was our first time putting up Wallpaper, but I think we did a pretty great job! What you will need: - Wallpaper: we got ours from Bouclair: https://www.bouclair.com/14865-Wallpaper-Double-roll.aspx#.VOpsaFPF_v4 Kit: - You can get the whole kit here: https://www.bouclair.com/14506-Wallpaper-Kit.aspx#.VOpshVPF_v4 OR - wallpaper water tray - exacto knife - measuring tape - putty knife - wallpaper foam smoother - scissors - pencil - step ladder - sponge (optional) - sandpaper (if your wall isn't smooth) - level (optional) - extra wallpaper paste (clear is best) I quite liked putting up the self-pasted wallpaper. You'll need a bit extra in case for lining up the pattern. Thanks Carlos for being so awesome and doing this with me even though you felt sick. #wallpaper #diy #homereno - Follow me: Twitter: http://twitter.com/missrogue Instagram: http://instagram.com/missrogue LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/missrogue Slideshare: http://slideshare.net/missrogue/ Learn about what Truly. does on our website: https://trulysocial.ca Truly. on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trulyinc Truly. on Facebook: https://facebook.com/trulyinc Truly. on Instagram: https://instagram.com/trulyinc

Trade Professional's Guide to Wallpaper Decorating

http://kingdominteriors.co.uk present The Trade Professional's Guide to Wallpaper Decorating by Walker Greenbank plc.

DIY: How to lay vinyl or lino flooring

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Wallpaper Installation - Pattern Match: Half Drop » American Blinds Video Site

Taken from http://videos.americanblinds.com/v/1047302922/wallpaper-installation-pattern-match-half-drop-roman/ Before you go crazy with the scissors and start cutting your paper, we have to talk about one more thing and that is our pattern match. Now pattern matches is different from pattern repeat. patter match is really how you match it when you take it to the wall. In a half drop match what we have is pieces 1,3 5, and 7 will have the same top and pieces 2,4,6,8 will have the same top. In other words let me show you. Line up your pattern, match your pattern, here we go, there we go. Ok. Now why do we call this a half drop match? You see this flower here- go across , well you don't have the flower here, but if you go down you'll see the same exact flower is here. Now we have a 25 and a quarter inch repeat on this paper. Pattern repeat. So we look at this flower, we go down this side and we see our next flower that's exactly the same. When we match this paper you'll notice that flower is halfway between so this is a half drop match. To cut these papers you would decide which is the top that you want and when you're deciding that you want to not cut design elements in half at your ceiling line. So you want as many whole flowers or whole fruit or whatever you're hanging uh you want as many as those as you possibly can without being cut. So let's pretend that this is the ceiling line this is where we're going to cut. So you would work off of two rolls. You would work off an odd and an even roll. This is our odd roll this would be the top for pieces 1,3,5, 7 and so forth. This even roll would be this would be the top that you cut for every piece that's even 2, 4, 6, 8. So what I will do is I will go to my wall and I will mark each strip 1, 2, 3 4, 5 now my odd roll every other one is going to have the same top. so I'm going to cut these all with the same top and im going to mark them 1 3 5 7 or you can always just mark odd even and if thats you know easier for you. Now for my piece number 2 will be my even roll so I will mark it 2 4 6 8 or i can just mark it even so the tops on this will all be the same. that just saves you because this has a pattern repeat of 25 and a quarter inches. thats a lot you don't want to waste that much with each piece. ok so this helps save some paper as you are cutting your room. Now we are going to get the paper ready to hang the paper we are installing today as you remember has a drop match and we already know we are going to cut our paper off of an odd and even roll to minimize the waste we have on paper. Now let's go to our wall. When we measured where our strips were going to be you remember we decided this is the one we are going to use and we circled it so that we would know. this is going to be strip number 1. my next piece will be strip number 2. strip number 3 in the corner will be strip 4 and the other side will also be strip 4. strip 5. strip 6, and strip 7 and so forth. Now we're going to see how tall our wall is so we'll know how long we need to cut each piece. We have 87 inches now we're going to add a couple of inches to waste at the top and a couple of inches for waste at the bottom. so we're going to cut our pieces at approximately 91 and 92 inches making sure that we're cutting it at the right spot to match our pattern. We're going to cut our odds rolls off odd roll the odd number first and then we're going to use our second roll for the even number we know that we want to have this flower design at the top. So I'm going to measure this out and I'm going put on the back an o that o tells me in pencil only in pencil and that o tells me its going to be an odd. now you notice that this next piece is that same flower that i want for my top. Plus a little bit extra for trimming at the top that's very important. giving yourself a couple inches to trim at the top and so forth. i've got 3 strips now off of this odd roll. this is not quite enough for a 4th strip but this will give you pieces for over doors or under windows or on top of windows. now we're going to cut our even roll. remember the design element that matched the flower on the odd roll is this leaf here. so this will give me enough here to cut at the top for waste. now I'm going to mark this an e for even and I'm going to measure this with the same. I'm going to cut across again around the top just giving it enough trim. for my next piece I'm going to mark it with an e and again cut another piece and then my third piece i will cut in exactly the same way.

Installing the First Sheet of Wallpaper

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Make sure you match the patterns on all the wallpaper.


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