The only pro tips you need to install wallpaper all by yourself

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Wallpapering Tips | How to wallpaper your feature wall the easy way | 2018

Feature wall - How to wallpaper tutorial In this video i will show you how to wallpaper a feature wall to get the perfect balance with the pattern Wallpaper available from- International performance symbols- Click here to watch the first video in the series - Visit the Lucas Teamstore for Protools, surface treatments, apparel and merchandise - Visit my website for more home improvement videos - Follow Barry on Twitter - Follow Barry on Instagram - Like my page Join our FB Group - Proud of what you've have painted A strictly supportive worldwide group dedicated in turning your house into a beautiful home. Open to painters and decorators to share innovation and showcase their work, DIYers who have a passion for home improvements, and a place to support newcomers/apprentices to this wonderful trade. Feature wall - How to wallpaper tutorial

Wallpapering a feature wall

Decorator for almost 30 years Harry Anstice shows you how to wallpaper a feature wall his way quickly and effectively. Wallpaper provided by Agerup Colosseum. Filmed and edited by Anne Gro Parnemann.

AMAZON HACKS: Transform your Room & Trendy Decor

Amazon hacks to transform your bedroom or bathroom, plus trendy decor hacks and diys! I came up with 5 easy and affordable amazon hacks that I hope you all enjoy. Can we get this to 5,000 likes? OPEN ME FOR A BUNCH OF FUN STUFF: Subscribe by clicking here: Check out my Blog: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter: Follow my pins on Pinterest: Follow my Tumblr: (you can ask me anything, anonymously)! Follow me on Snapchat: ArlyneTheQueen How do I make extra $$$? I shop with Ebates where I'm constantly getting cash back! If you're a company wishing to contact me, please email me at (business inquiries only) EVERYTHING MENTIONED: HACK 1: Marble contact paper (used 2 rolls for bathroom counter, and 1 extra roll for shoe rack): Wallpaper smoothing tool: Exacto knife: HACK 2: Nu Peel & stick wallpaper: Wallpaper smoothing tool: Exacto knife: HACK 3: Edison vintage bulbs (6 pack): Hanging cord for bulbs (4 pack): HACK 4: TV/coffee console: Marble contact paper (used 2 rolls for bathroom counter, and 1 extra roll for shoe rack): Wallpaper smoothing tool: Copper spray paint: HACK 5: Basic table lamp: Copper spray paint: Marble contact paper (just used scraps): Edison bulb (for a vintage look, from the 6 pack): Thanks so much for watching! xoxo, Arlyne ftc: not sponsored, some links are affiliate

The 7 DIYs you actually should call a pro for and not do yourself

Designer Kimberley Seldon gives tips on DIY projects or when its time to call a pro.

7 Insane Ways Americans Waste Money | The Financial Diet

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Contractor, Darren Voros shows you the simplest way to install professional looking wall paper with only a few hours time commitment.

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