Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Highlights | March 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Published on Mar 13, 2019 4,251,988 views

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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors - Full Game Highlights | March 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  • Ximo Pierto
    Ximo Pierto 1 week ago Like & Subscribe for more NBA Highlights all season long!
  • Travel Me Food
    Travel Me Food 1 week ago :)
  • Small Galindo
    Small Galindo 1 week ago Where's the stats..?
  • Rob S.
    Rob S. 1 week ago ^^
  • Filthy 96
    Filthy 96 1 week ago Stats?
  • no matter
    no matter 1 week ago ulol tang ina mo
  • Caleb Russell Jr
    Caleb Russell Jr 1 week ago Why jordan sooooo dark
  • Frederick Simon
    Frederick Simon 1 week ago Exactly
  • Bao Liem
    Bao Liem 1 week ago Ok curry from down town
  • c.t17 77
    c.t17 77 1 week ago Please what is the instrumental that plays at beginning of your videos?
  • Aaücan
    Aaücan 1 week ago Ximo Pierto Thanks for keeping up with nba schedule. Especially sincerity don’t televise enough games. Warriors being double teamed 1. the refs+ 2. on the road + 3. the rockets = AMAZING 🔥
  • Caleb Russell Jr
    Caleb Russell Jr 6 days ago @Bao Liem He always making it from down town
  • Lonicia Brown
    Lonicia Brown 1 week ago Funniest thing tonight was when cousins passed the ball to steph and he wasn't even in the game😂😂😂
  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 1 week ago Lol, I was trying to figure out why Curry even stood up in the first place! Everyone else was sitting, then Cousins got the ball and he stood up.
  • anonymous Xx
    anonymous Xx 1 week ago Everyone on warriors want to pass the ball to curry even he wasnt in the game. Iggy did that too😂
  • Teathlach Riak
    Teathlach Riak 1 week ago 🤣 I don’t blame him he should’ve never stood up
  • blanchecolombe1
    blanchecolombe1 1 week ago Would have been great if the ball went in tho😁
  • Mhonzkie Pogi
    Mhonzkie Pogi 1 week ago it's not the first time bro, every teammate curry had it😂
  • Kise
    Kise 1 week ago Not trying to be lazy but where can I see that? Lol!
  • Tobi Emmanuel-Aina
    Tobi Emmanuel-Aina 1 week ago @Chris Chris curry stood up because he thought it was going to be a great move by cousins. Think everybody thought cousins was going to kick back and shoot
  • kalon511
    kalon511 1 week ago @Lonicia Brown Maybe Cousins felt like they NEEDED some “off the bench scoring” to help secure their victory. I’m more surprised that Curry #1 missed the shot and #2 kept a straight face.
  • Andrea DH
    Andrea DH 1 week ago @Kise 3:00
  • Christian Lenard Buenavidez
    Christian Lenard Buenavidez 1 week ago I think the funniest thing was thr fact that curry shot it jk hahaha
  • Miko Jacildo
    Miko Jacildo 1 week ago @ 3:00 for anyone wondering
  • blanchecolombe1
    blanchecolombe1 1 week ago @Kise 3:00😊
  • CeeJay Savage
    CeeJay Savage 1 week ago Glitch on 2k20
  • bryan vega
    bryan vega 1 week ago Lmao
  • Kise
    Kise 1 week ago @Andrea DH muchas gracias!
  • Kise
    Kise 1 week ago @blanchecolombe1 grazie!
  • Lewis
    Lewis 1 week ago Thats gonna be in shaq😂
  • Sonitekk
    Sonitekk 1 week ago Please refer to thumbnail for my reaction 😂😂😂
  • Sherrod Adams
    Sherrod Adams 1 week ago Steph prove last his win without KD 😂 and they beat the touch team with all their starters
  • Tired of Fools
    Tired of Fools 1 week ago Yeah and Curry had a TOWEL on his head. SMH.
  • no matter
    no matter 1 week ago hey kami po ang agsunta
  • Yih Yong Chia
    Yih Yong Chia 1 week ago @Chris Chris I blame steph for that lol
  • Noel Lunas
    Noel Lunas 1 week ago i see ...:)
  • Raul M
    Raul M 1 week ago Shaqtin' A Fool
  • Quinton Onezine
    Quinton Onezine 1 week ago Lol I died when that happened
  • Masked Piano Player
    Masked Piano Player 1 week ago The thing is when you're playing on the court, alot of times you don't see individual players, but you see colors in your peripheral vision. So Curry was standing and he was 'open' so thats what Cousin seen in his peripheral vision and passed it to him.
  • Rudy Gabo
    Rudy Gabo 1 week ago @anonymous Xx That is how important he is, in or out
  • skills1ent
    skills1ent 1 week ago Why is that funny?
  • D Vonski
    D Vonski 1 week ago Females swear they know basketball..foh
  • Stavros Pagounis
    Stavros Pagounis 1 week ago GSW the best 3point shooters team ever!Curry and Thompson specially,omg.
  • T J
    T J 1 week ago That's why they shouldn't be standing up on the sideline lol
  • Montasir alabassi
    Montasir alabassi 1 week ago He probly gon' be shaqtin o' fool 🤣🤣
  • V-MANiiAC-_-V
    V-MANiiAC-_-V 1 week ago Lonicia Brown stfu
  • Trapical Genius
    Trapical Genius 1 week ago Not even that, he had his uniform on instead of the track suit.
  • Ashdendi Freak
    Ashdendi Freak 1 week ago lmao
  • Aaücan
    Aaücan 1 week ago 😂😂😂💯
  • Aquaman Fi
    Aquaman Fi 1 week ago Curry just need to sit down while on the sideline cause if he stand up.They passing him the ball regardless 😂
  • João Leite
    João Leite 1 week ago Goldeneshow
  • rendale asayco
    rendale asayco 1 week ago 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Charlie Labayog
    Charlie Labayog 1 week ago yeah for real
  • Coquí Ninja
    Coquí Ninja 1 week ago he had a towel on his head for crying out loud, how the hell you pass the ball to someone with a towel on their head? lmao curry almost made that shit too lol that shit would have been lit
  • Mr1Nate7
    Mr1Nate7 1 week ago Harden shot ONE less freethrow than the entire Warriors squad...
  • FishCatcher 10
    FishCatcher 10 1 week ago Yeah, because all they did was played dirty and fouling the shit out of him! Cause they all know what would happen if they don't ---- Harden drains another three in Klay's face! If you don't want the refs to call fouls against you then stop playing dirty, bitches!
  • Mr1Nate7
    Mr1Nate7 1 week ago (edited) @FishCatcher 10 Just stating the facts you dumbfuck.
  • Pat
    Pat 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 statistically, Harden actually shoots worse when Klay is guarding him.
  • FishCatcher 10
    FishCatcher 10 1 week ago @Mr1Nate7 I'm doing the same! You dimwit!
  • maverick goose
    maverick goose 1 week ago @FishCatcher 10 salty as fuck...start crying now coz ur team is not winning anytime soon birdbrain
    EVERYTHING ! ! 1 week ago Mr1Nate7 wait foreal
    EVERYTHING ! ! 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 no it’s cause he jerks his arms while shooting or driving and it’s a foul
  • Luis Hern
    Luis Hern 1 week ago (edited) He’s spoiled. Meanwhile Curry gotta earn his keep.
  • PJ skrtt
    PJ skrtt 1 week ago yeah and? free throws are part of the game. period. its ridiculous yeah, but its still a part of the game lmao
  • Derek
    Derek 1 week ago If a gust of wind hits Harden its a foul....if the floor is wet and he slips a little its a foul....if an opposing player so as much as looks at him he shoots a free throw.....
  • majayjay06
    majayjay06 1 week ago @FishCatcher 10 james harden the flopper next to lebron james
  • Johnny B. Good
    Johnny B. Good 1 week ago Why the heck most rockets players flail their arms around the entire game?
  • Max 117
    Max 117 1 week ago Don't let that distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals and have since added KD and Boogie to that 73-9 team... Yes, even if they didn't have KD this game. I'm sorry their team went from being super stacked to only being slightly stacked.
  • Viktor Chuyko
    Viktor Chuyko 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 In playoffs they will miss 28 threes again anyway. The same way as
  • Viktor Chuyko
    Viktor Chuyko 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 They will miss again 28 threes in a raw in playoffs anyway. The same way as last year of loss to Warriors. I am just waiting. Everyone here is waiting.
  • V-MANiiAC-_-V
    V-MANiiAC-_-V 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 shut yo excuse ass up you sound dumbass , you got a pro flopper in your team. Who tf are you to talk about fouls 😂
  • Frosty
    Frosty 1 week ago Mr1Nate7 you’re the dumbfuck you fucking skinny ugly white dude
  • NewCoolStory
    NewCoolStory 5 days ago if the referees didn't call foul on that last play the rockets would've took the W.
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago Mr1Nate7 ohh no way. Harden must shoot a lot of FT’s then. This must be new, I’ve never heard of harden shooting many freebies
  • since 0000
    since 0000 2 days ago @FishCatcher 10 does your parents not love you? i can tell they dont.
  • brownoutee
    brownoutee 1 week ago (edited) 9:14 how did an old iguadala beat both cp3 and gordon running here lmao
  • Simon Okosun
    Simon Okosun 1 week ago (edited) 9:16 So funny how cp3 tried fouling iguodala and cries to the ref to call it. lmao
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago Steph was holdin' Gordon's arm. Hahaa...
  • Moba Is Life
    Moba Is Life 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young too much excuses salty
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @Moba Is Life What the fuck is your retarded ass talkin' about? 1...I'm a Warriors fan...and actually don't like the Rocket's. So my team won, so there's nothin' to be salty about. 2...the man asked how Iggy was able to beat them 2 young boys to the ball. And I told him how. If you look, you see Steph with his arm across Gordon's arm, chest, and abdomen...slowin' Gordon down so he can't get to the ball. It's actually true that he did how would it be an excuse...if it's true? And if it's true there's nothin' to be salty about. And 3...even IF I were a Rocket's fan...and tried to make that 1 is that too many, if it's just 1? You're not comin' off that bright right now.
  • Maphy Newburn
    Maphy Newburn 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young lol holding is different from screen. and by the way they have no choice even though they got the rebound it would be backcourt violation lol.
  • Ali Saldogan
    Ali Saldogan 1 week ago CP3 and Gordon are 20 years old, you're right..
  • Curtis Miller
    Curtis Miller 1 week ago why did you time stamp 9:14 timestamp like 9:12 where cp3s had to turn around to go get it andre was already positioned to run
  • Curtis Miller
    Curtis Miller 1 week ago andre even got a push off on someone else to propel him to start running smh watch the video
  • King Shango Sound
    King Shango Sound 1 week ago the real MVP
  • Derris Taylor
    Derris Taylor 1 week ago Moba Is Life you fucking idiot did you see curry travel and get a foul called? Probably didn’t.
  • King Shango Sound
    King Shango Sound 1 week ago (edited) dezhmond young...just 1 from your filthy mouth is too much kid
  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young contact, that's a weak excuse for any player
  • Antwuan Bradshaw
    Antwuan Bradshaw 1 week ago @Maphy Newburn wouldn't have been back court..... they were scrambling for a rebound off a missed free throw. Since no team established possession, the Rockets could have gotten the ball and brought it back to their side of the court.
  • Antwuan Bradshaw
    Antwuan Bradshaw 1 week ago @brownoutee........I bet you thought your comment was genius and you would get an abundance of laughs........You do understand that Chis Paul and Andre Iguodala (you spelled his name wrong) are a year apart. And Gordon was held by Curry when taking off. You should actually pay attention, and think before opening your mouth....or rather pressing
  • Bobby Lupango
    Bobby Lupango 1 week ago 35 years of age is not old. Justin Gatlin was a 100 meter sprint champion at 35. I say this because I am 42 and I am faster than the younger people.
  • Young Black Conservative
    Young Black Conservative 1 week ago Chris Paul is like a year and a half younger than Andre Iguodala 🤦‍♀️
  • airkuna
    airkuna 1 week ago he's not that old......below 40 u can be fast :D but he's not that older than cp anyway..
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @Mark Jackson Can we stop callin' it an excuse and read...I'm a Warriors fan...I'm not makin' excuses...because there's nothin' to defend...MY TEAM WON!!
  • the datzilla
    the datzilla 1 week ago Mate gsw has been saved many times by iggy. He's one of the pilars of gsw. Respect to the man.
  • Sebas Plaisir
    Sebas Plaisir 1 week ago brownoutee iggy is the fastest player in the golden state warrior
  • Jimmy Ning
    Jimmy Ning 1 week ago He too fast man
  • xSynchr0
    xSynchr0 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young That's a lot of emotion poured into one comment man...
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @xSynchr0 And that's a lot of stupidity poured into 1 comment from you.
  • xSynchr0
    xSynchr0 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young How was what I said stupid? I'm not the one who said you were salty, so don't come for me.
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @xSynchr0 You're the one who can't comprehend the comment you're commentin' on. Talkin' about a comment in which I explain how there was no say is emotional? Do you see the stupidity?
  • 캐토레이
    캐토레이 1 week ago His legs are longer than cp3's and eric's
  • Mark F
    Mark F 1 week ago Because Igua is a legend
  • Mark F
    Mark F 1 week ago Because he's a HUSTLER
  • Theron Ponds
    Theron Ponds 1 week ago Come on man, Andre is more athletic than both of those guys.
  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young lol you acting like Iggy is 70 or something he's still quick af
  • ramses kat
    ramses kat 1 week ago When it's crunch time, even an old ass get his adrenaline pumpinug lmao
  • liukang85
    liukang85 1 week ago lol good point
  • Wayman Hunt
    Wayman Hunt 1 week ago (edited) Cause he wanted it more he's more athletic them both of them and way older smh.
  • Max 117
    Max 117 1 week ago LOL. You act like Iguodala is 50. He just turned 35 a couple months ago. He's like 6 months older than CP3. Eric Gordon is 31. Iggy has been one of the most athletic players in the league for a while, it's not like Boogie outran them.
  • un4got10
    un4got10 1 week ago Dezhmond Young i dont see curry holding gordon here. Fact is gordon blocking curry coz he thought paul will get that fucking ball but iggy said no. Ok shut the fuck up fool
  • Turtle neck
    Turtle neck 1 week ago (edited) @Mark F Finally someone said it, after all that bullshit above lol. That's determination to win at all costs! Putting the body on the line. Fight for every single loose ball. It's what he does. 😎
  • The Grinch
    The Grinch 1 week ago Shut the fuck up. If you don’t know how then you don’t know basketball. Again, shut the fuck up.
  • TimYaoPlayz
    TimYaoPlayz 1 week ago Dezhmond Young stfu bitch did someone ask you that bitch
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Moba Is Life Jayo Young is 6'10" 270lbs 7ft wingspan and is black!! Has blonde hair. He plays for Golden State warriors ( he's a player I created in 2k)
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Ali Saldogan Jayo Young is black 6'10" and 270 lbs and has blonde hair and red eyes. He played for the Warriors!! (He's a player I created in 2k lol)
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young Jayo Young is a player I created in 2k he plays for the Warriors and is a 4x champ and finals MVP!!!!
  • xSynchr0
    xSynchr0 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young Your replying to a youtube comment. Look at yourself. You took about 3 minutes out of your day to comment on what someone said. Numbered the points and everything. You see now why I said there's an emotional attachment? You'll probably reply to this to to further prove my point.
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @Shanta doll I usually create my player and call him Jason Todd. I cannot tell you how many accolades that man has ever had. 1 time me and my brother took the season into the 2030's.
  • Dezhmond Young
    Dezhmond Young 1 week ago @xSynchr0 No...I'm provin' a point in how dumb people listin' the multiple ways. If you call it emotion...then it's only because you want it to be emotional. So that's fault on you. And aren't you doin' everything you're accusin' me of? How dumb are you?
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young I tell you more of Jayo Young stats in the regular season he averages 25.5ppg in the playoffs he averages 30.7ppg and he's defense is Under rated he holds his opponents to 37%shooting he locks down PG 13 ,Harden Kyrie LeBron that's why Golden State is so hard to Beat. His shooting/Defense mix with Curry and Klay and KD and Boogie Dray is hard to stop GS in 4!!!
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @King Shango Sound Jayo Young is a NBA player I created in NBA 2k he is 6'10" and 270lbs he plays for Golden State warriors!!
  • xSynchr0
    xSynchr0 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young How dumb are you nigga? You're saying that you had no emotion when you wrote that comment? That doesn't make any sense. And I never denied putting emotion into commenting (seeing as im still replying to your ignorance). I'm starting to think you're still replying just for attention.
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @xSynchr0 hey Jayo Young is a NBA player I created in 2k he 6'10" 270 lbs has blonde hair and red eyes he plays for the Warriors!!!
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Young Black Conservative Cliff Paul (his brother) is better than CP3!!!!
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @xSynchr0 Jayo Young is a NBA player I created in 2K
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @xSynchr0 Jayo Young just dropped 27 on the Spurs!!
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 1 week ago @Dezhmond Young Jayo Young just had 27pts/11rebs/9asts against the Spurs!!
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago Dezhmond Young LoL no he wasn’t. If anything they were holding each other. Iggy just hustles... no excuses, guy plays hard and plays smart.
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago Iggy plays hard and plays smart. Nothing else too it.
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 4 days ago @Tom Yamaguchi do you like Jayo Young??
  • Shanta doll
    Shanta doll 4 days ago @Tom Yamaguchi do you like Jayo Young he's a NBA player I created in 2K 19 he's 6ft 10in 270 lbs and has blonde hair blue eyes and plays with the Warriors!!!
  • t t
    t t 1 week ago Man the other NBA teams should be trying to hire the people who put together the golden state team. They built that team to be unbeatable.
  • Francisco Orozco
    Francisco Orozco 1 week ago If cousins shows up like that in the playoffs its a wrap
  • Jayarrin1
    Jayarrin1 1 week ago Period!
  • BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill
    BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill 1 week ago It's a wrap even if he doesn't 😂
  • Demi God Tay legendz
    Demi God Tay legendz 1 week ago Francisco Orozco he’s a bigger dremond foul trouble and being taunted biggest problems I the playoffs for him but he did play a hell of a game tho looney n cousins covered for kd being out and did a hell of a job
  • Frank Hamm
    Frank Hamm 1 week ago unfortunately on God
  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 1 week ago @Demi God Tay legendz reason he's foul trouble is because the refs are after him. He's getting the AI treatment
  • Antonio Venegas
    Antonio Venegas 1 week ago Been a wrap
  • T loc
    T loc 1 week ago Yea capela had nothing for him this game cousins too smooth with it
  • Teoh Xu Hao
    Teoh Xu Hao 1 week ago A lot of shots he hit actually was fouled...
  • Ellis Guerrero
    Ellis Guerrero 1 week ago It's been a wrap since last October 😒c'mon man
  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 1 week ago He don’t have to be there at all. It’s still a wrap. Team basketball over individual basketball. No science there.
  • Secret Bears sugar
    Secret Bears sugar 1 week ago Just shows they don't need sellout durant
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 1 week ago BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill yeah cousins at 40% health is still a wrap
  • redpilllifesaver
    redpilllifesaver 1 week ago @BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill you got the refs in your back pocket in the playoffs..I would be confident too.
  • Ada Ghost
    Ada Ghost 1 week ago It's has been a wrap ever since KD joined them !
  • The Truth
    The Truth 1 week ago as in a wrap for the warriors? cause they are gonna get their ass beat in a series with cousins playing like this
  • Surge2169
    Surge2169 1 week ago @Frank Hamm The fuck are you talking about? lol
  • TonyDracon
    TonyDracon 1 week ago nah cousins a bum
  • Ra Tredeuce
    Ra Tredeuce 1 week ago @AreLL Lio Preach
  • Scooba Doo
    Scooba Doo 1 week ago what? they won by 2 even cous did great. what wrap are you talking about. win is still a win. but its too early fatty
  • Isaac Morales
    Isaac Morales 1 week ago @The Truth trollin
  • Grace Liu
    Grace Liu 1 week ago He will only get better from here
  • Michael Mayers
    Michael Mayers 1 week ago Fanboy
  • Earle Fowler
    Earle Fowler 1 week ago @Surge2169 I think "The truth" is saying Houston will get terminated in the playoffs, assuming they play against GSW......I think that's what being said.
  • Earle Fowler
    Earle Fowler 1 week ago @Scooba Doo Yes it is too early but I'm thinking Houston assummed they would win being at home and having already beat GSW 3 times. Yes only 2 points but I saw reflections of that typical GSW stretch lead. But thanks to Harding and his crew they got back in the game.
  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 1 week ago It's a wrap when they signed him
  • BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill
    BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill 1 week ago (edited) @redpilllifesaver you mean James Harden right 😄...Mr Free Throw King
  • Kevvy Kev
    Kevvy Kev 1 week ago @Earle Fowler Nah. . .thanks to the refs they got back in the game. It wasn't even subtle. Even if you don't consider the free throw disparity (ridiculous, on the face of it), the highlights don't show how absurd the tilt was. No matter. . .the Dubs are overpowered. If they show up even at 90%, it's a wrap for the rest of the league
  • darkness winZ
    darkness winZ 1 week ago (edited) Hope kddd is alright lol he.can take two games off we don’t mind Klay n chef curry master got it handled
  • Luxury VDrxppy
    Luxury VDrxppy 1 week ago BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill yh tbh warriors is one of those stacked aau teams that used over age players and all of are 6’2 and taller playing against younger kids 😪😪😪😂😂😂😂
  • dion henderson
    dion henderson 1 week ago Facts on facts
  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson 1 week ago (edited) @AreLL Lio Yea? Tell that to Harden and that retard of a coach DiAntonio.
  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson 1 week ago @Earle Fowler Houston will lose in playoffs before they ever face my Warriors.
  • Ollie Blass
    Ollie Blass 1 week ago I would hope Cousin would dominate he the biggest one out there.
  • Quinn Encalade
    Quinn Encalade 1 week ago Yeah I don’t think he’s playing like that if KD out there
  • no matter
    no matter 1 week ago currynatics ako gago ka
  • Martin Mikkelsen
    Martin Mikkelsen 1 week ago stop talking about wraps... youre making me hungry for mexican food
  • Earle Fowler
    Earle Fowler 1 week ago @Arthur Anderson I see that as well.....
  • Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1
    Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1 1 week ago Francisco Orozco hopefully 🔝
  • jlogroniox
    jlogroniox 1 week ago Only “IF”
  • Ashgrey Vermillion
    Ashgrey Vermillion 1 week ago This is truee
  • AJ
    AJ 1 week ago @AreLL Lio Team basketball? That's fucking rich coming from a team with Curry, Thompson, Green and Cousins and KD not even playing. Dumbass.
  • Blak_Dice Gaming
    Blak_Dice Gaming 1 week ago He has it in him, but half those shots he took will be going to KD
  • Ty Nao
    Ty Nao 1 week ago cousins is a bitch ass nigga so stfu u bandwagon 3-1 choker lmao
  • Danshi A
    Danshi A 1 week ago He doesn't even have to show up like that but they still gonna win.
  • hordy82
    hordy82 1 week ago The Truth yea warriors are done this season...after they win another championship that is.
  • Dee
    Dee 1 week ago They didn't need him the last two rings sooooooo lol.
  • Damien Boyce
    Damien Boyce 1 week ago Nah trippin warriors weak
  • Kethan Pushpakaran
    Kethan Pushpakaran 1 week ago It isn’t tho
  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 1 week ago Put a fucking shotgun in cp3's mouth and blow his arrogant ass up
  • josephb7
    josephb7 1 week ago A RIZZY!!!!
  • redpilllifesaver
    redpilllifesaver 1 week ago You can say that about either side..If this person shows will win...duh🙄
  • Sid Serrano
    Sid Serrano 1 week ago Cousins is a bitch
  • John 3:16
    John 3:16 18 hours ago 1:43, "Capella showing some ball handeling" All he did was dribble lmao
  • Benjamin Lee
    Benjamin Lee 9 hours ago John 3:16 bahahha nice one
  • Will G
    Will G 1 day ago He actually thought curry was in
  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman 1 week ago Cousins can work the inside while guys wait for threes. Dangerous team.
  • hearthustle
    hearthustle 1 week ago Phillip Beckman lmaooo please feature boogie in the playoffs. rockets will stick capela or nene on him one on one, smother klay, steph and KD. we’ll take boogie taking tough twos over our bigs instead of those other three taking shots. we’ll see if he can give y’all 30+ consistently and efficiently and if he can defend us effectively on the other end. i can assure you this game was a positive for the rockets. we want the warriors to gain false confidence with boogie and now have tape on how the warriors would like to operate with boogie. we want boogie to gain confidence as well, so when kerr has to sit him it’s gonna be a problem
  • redhairshanks 04
    redhairshanks 04 1 week ago Lmao Who is going to smother KD 🤔
  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 1 week ago (edited) @hearthustle they put Capela and tucker on him (two great defenders btw) and still still got destroyed by him. Btw, stop acting like y'all are champions or something cause you ain't. You're the one with false confidence since you beat them 3 times🤣
  • Derek V
    Derek V 1 week ago Dangerous team.... dawg they have 5 all stars no shit
  • jeeneeuz
    jeeneeuz 1 week ago They can even be waiting out of bounds!
  • hearthustle
    hearthustle 1 week ago James I suck the refs off before games Harden this was one game lol. if you think boogie can do that for a playoff run you’re mistaken. i’m not acting like anything, simply stating what i saw. if your lame brain can’t see it i could care less. btw, stop saying btw.
  • Max 117
    Max 117 1 week ago Lol stop. This team won over 70 games and that's when they didn't have KD and Boogie. Now it's just a joke. The fact the Rockets even gave them a series last year was impressive enough. The Warriors are the most stacked team of all time and good for them... I honestly mean that... but lets not act like the Rockets are on an even playing field here even with KD out. It's CP3 and Harden v Curry, Boogie, Green, and Klay.
  • Joseph Marcelino
    Joseph Marcelino 1 week ago Yea so curry can shoot those threes from the bench 😂
  • Kyle banks
    Kyle banks 1 week ago Derek V nigga who tf cares about 5 all stars bruh that’s shit don’t be shit bruh if you ball you ball striaght up anyone can be beat you just play nigga you act like everyone else that ain’t a all star can’t play or something if your favorite stars on your team could actually pass the ball to the other players then maybe y’all could get more points literally y’all have no confidence in anyone else who the nba doesn’t say isn’t a all star but whenever they out of games you got guys like jahil oakafor who shine when AD not playing cuz he actually got touches
  • Kyle banks
    Kyle banks 1 week ago Why you think teams like the sun could beat LA and Warriors but who’s there all star stfu nigga the team beat em it’s a team sport that’s why the warriors are good they play TEAM BASKETBALL and I’m a Kings fan the kings to thoe are kinda like the warriors in the team basketball style they all cool with each other so they be passing the ball to each other a lot
  • Kirk Meyers
    Kirk Meyers 4 days ago Warriors still trying to play from out of bounds like last game?
  • Mike Sherman
    Mike Sherman 1 week ago The fact that the warriors team only went to the free throw line 10 times tonight is crazy 💯
  • Jehu Strachan
    Jehu Strachan 1 week ago Mike Sherman after being pushed around all night
  • slamandjam2
    slamandjam2 1 week ago It's fucking crazy especially when u see how much they get bumped
  • YAYarea 510
    YAYarea 510 1 week ago the last thing the warriors need is getting calls fair and square ..that way the league has a chance ahahaha
  • KG Ave Fights
    KG Ave Fights 1 week ago That’s what happens when you shoot a lot
  • YAYarea 510
    YAYarea 510 1 week ago KG Ave Fights that the type comments you write when you only watch highlights
  • Jahn Hans Bronilla
    Jahn Hans Bronilla 1 week ago @YAYarea 510 yeah right, but steve is correct, they need to ignore those no calls and just continue to play and they did that today.
  • Goody Wu
    Goody Wu 1 week ago meanwhile Houston has 23 FTA....
  • Melascula
    Melascula 1 week ago @Goody Wu and still lost lol
    KEEGAN AntoNY 1 week ago and two of them was in crunch time when Houston was fouling intentionally... so basically 8 free throws against Rockets 23
  • HoopsClusive
    HoopsClusive 1 week ago (edited) @KEEGAN AntoNY wahaha, and rockets still lost...half of the fouls are from Harden :D
  • Danny
    Danny 1 week ago Harden would cry with only 10 ft !
  • Earle Fowler
    Earle Fowler 1 week ago (edited) Exactly.......when they force opponents to play stretch D it doesn't look good for transition D.......the science of the game, not just points. Harding doesn't even care to learn anything.......just let me get mine, he may never win a championship, never.
  • Crebs Park
    Crebs Park 1 week ago harden and carry can suck antetekompo's big black cock
  • armed cal
    armed cal 1 week ago Crebs Park they all have there ups and downs giannis is a monster in the paint, curry is a monster at the 3 point line and harden is a master floppier.
  • Ibnziyad Tariq
    Ibnziyad Tariq 1 week ago YAYarea 510 xD that was the same story since 2016
  • pipiloo
    pipiloo 1 week ago @YAYarea 510 it's impossible, esp for curry. just look at this game, the same situation, harden got 3+1, i'd say curry was lucky as no off foul was called
  • Ollie Blass
    Ollie Blass 1 week ago I don't think Houston is known as a good defensive team at all.
  • Tired of Fools
    Tired of Fools 1 week ago @KG Ave Fights What do you mean? Both Teams "Shoot a lot" One team has Double the FTs than the other tho.
  • no matter
    no matter 1 week ago the facts is bobo ka
  • NBA highlight Clips
    NBA highlight Clips 1 week ago The even crazier thing is that Harden went to the freethrow line 9 times by himself....
  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 1 week ago (edited) The fact that they got 5 all stars on 1 team and couldn't beat the Suns was funny
  • xRampageSKILLZx
    xRampageSKILLZx 1 week ago They actually went to the free throw line 6 times and had 10 attempts
  • mkbzam
    mkbzam 1 week ago @Akash Sathyamoorthy the fact that you are copy pasting comments from others, in a thread that has nothing to do with that and can't even spell funny right is even funnier.
  • Sogekii
    Sogekii 1 week ago Akash Sathyamoorthy interesting considering they only have 3 this year. Unless you can show me the clip where cousins and draymond was in the 2019 Allstar game? Bse if I’m not mistaken suns beat lakers and bucks too...
  • Jupiters Shot #YF
    Jupiters Shot #YF 1 week ago Mike Sherman nah as the whole nba we have to stand up to Houston and these refs
  • Jupiters Shot #YF
    Jupiters Shot #YF 1 week ago YAYarea 510 facts but even if you watch the highlights you would see the game was called unfair
  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 1 week ago @mkbzam first of all, I didn't copy the comment you retarded ass nigga, second of all, when I tried to spell funny the auto-correct changed it too "funnt" for some reason
  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 1 week ago @Sogekii LOL, so 3 all stars isn't a lot???? The fact that you said "only 3" is hilarious
  • Adrian Sandoval WMSCOG
    Adrian Sandoval WMSCOG 1 week ago 4 All stars. Not crazy at all. 1 MVP nearly beat 4 All stars again. Really let that sink in...
  • Sogekii
    Sogekii 1 week ago Akash Sathyamoorthy never said 3 wasn’t. You said 5 which is a false narrative. You have a better bench as well and most of those players can knock dwn the 3. Your team is built to keep up with gsw 3 allstars curry, Klay, and KD. You got Harden, CP3, Gordon, Tucker, Green, Rivers. All can knocked dwn threes as well and give you solid defense. So what’s so hilarious?
  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 1 week ago @Sogekii I'm not even a Rockets fan dumbass 😂😂😂 fuck outta here and keep making excuses for your superteam
  • Afro Samurai
    Afro Samurai 1 week ago KG Ave Fights rockets shot more perimeter shots 😒
  • Marco Mayorga
    Marco Mayorga 1 week ago @Akash Sathyamoorthy are suns in the playoffs lol get some help
  • Donnie Cornwell
    Donnie Cornwell 1 week ago Akash Sathyamoorthy they still got the best record in the West doeeee
  • John Brown
    John Brown 1 week ago @mkbzam funnier is not a god damn word!!!!
  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 1 week ago ...and Houston fouls more on offense than on defense...smh
  • Jonathan Grafton
    Jonathan Grafton 1 week ago That last call on CP3 was suspect though
  • ryanrhea1
    ryanrhea1 1 week ago That's referres decision lol
  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 1 week ago @Marco Mayorga did I say the Suns were in the playoffs???? I think you might need to get some help... You seeing things 😂😂😂
  • vKevinnn
    vKevinnn 1 week ago 2 of those were from late game intentional fouling too
  • amaari mccoy
    amaari mccoy 1 week ago They was hacking the hell outta us
  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno 1 week ago Harden got 9 free throw with 12 3pt attempts and only 11 drive to the rim attempts..... how is this guy keep jacking up 3s and still get more free throw? Those who drive to the rim like westbrook should have got more free throw than harden who mostly only shoots 3s.
  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno 1 week ago The rockets especially harden leads the league in most attempts in 3points.. Yet they still lead the league in free throw!!! Fucking nba ref stop making favor calls to houston!! We dont want a FAKE CHAMPIONS.
  • mkbzam
    mkbzam 1 week ago @John Brown funnier isn't a word? damn you're smart. fun·ny /ˈfənē/ adjective comparative adjective: funnier
  • sleeksilve2
    sleeksilve2 1 week ago I like it. One less excuse for Rockets fans.
  • Aaücan
    Aaücan 1 week ago Mike Sherman Facts
  • Fritz Alexandre
    Fritz Alexandre 1 week ago 4:40 CP3 literally holds Loonies hand so he can't guy and get a rebound. Mans a snake
    JOHNNYBOY TELLEM 1 week ago (edited) I feel like GSW's regular season starts around this time lol... we've all been fooled y'all. They gearing up for 16-0 playoff run. GG
  • Eterium for Requiem
    Eterium for Requiem 1 week ago Yay
    JOHNNYBOY TELLEM 1 week ago @Eterium for Requiem lmao good for ya
  • Hungry Rabbit
    Hungry Rabbit 1 week ago Wow, golden state stepping up flexing some muscle!
  • 手指進擊的
    手指進擊的 1 week ago What the fxxk.. Golden Win again
  • Texas Strong
    Texas Strong 1 week ago They are 1 for 4 agaimst the Rockets. Hard flex?!
  • Tech Shaw
    Tech Shaw 1 week ago Harden 29 pts that FT miss, hurt him more than losing the game.
  • La T
    La T 1 week ago I thought he missed it on purpose at the end so one of his teammates could rebound it and shoot a 3 to win it the free throw wouldn’t have won it for them
  • Chris Kamzol
    Chris Kamzol 1 week ago This is the best channel for NBA highlights on the games I miss! Keep up the awesome editing
  • C Jay Maribojoc
    C Jay Maribojoc 1 week ago Belated Greetinqs idoL Steph. 31Th Happy Birthday & Mbtc. ❤😍😘 Congrats
  • Code: 015
    Code: 015 1 week ago Curry didn't shoot the last 3, what a personality
  • San Diego
    San Diego 1 week ago poor Houston is never going to win a title with this team nucleus.... even with the Refs allowing Harden to push off defenders during dribble-drives 10-15 times per game, & Refs allowing Harden to travel 6-8 times per game on step-back 3's.... and the Refs calling so few fouls against the Rockets defenders, that their opponent only gets 10 free throws the entire game.
  • Capt Cav76
    Capt Cav76 1 week ago I think James Harden is shooting free throws because if this comment.....
  • Aaron Humphrey
    Aaron Humphrey 1 week ago All true. The J H flop is amazing - fools the refs150% of the time ! Or does it make the refs look like fools ? J H's gotta new dance : the Ghost Travel ..👻😇
  • Luke Drinking from Alien Titty
    Luke Drinking from Alien Titty 1 week ago San Diego the rockets choke harder than Ray Rice choked his wife
  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder 1 week ago I haven't seen those cocksucking Warriors won a game without the refs' help yet! According to you twisted cocksucking Warriors fanboys the refs love cheating against your team so much that they helped them win all of those championship titles! Do you know how stupid your comment is? Personally, I've never seen a worse crybaby fanbase in my entire life! Even after a win you cocksucking Warriors fanboys cry about the refs! I guess if the refs or the league didn't automatically declares your team as the winner, the refs are automatically against your team! If the refs didn't orchestrate the game in a way that would guarantee your team a win then those refs are the evil ones out to get your team, eh? Warriors: Another name for crybaby faggots who feel so entitled that the NBA has no other choice but to tell its refs that these cocksuckers must be guaranteed to win championships every year or they will cry to us until our ears fall off!
  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder 1 week ago @Luke Drinking from Alien Titty Not as hard as you choking on the Warriors' dicks!
  • FishCatcher 10
    FishCatcher 10 1 week ago Yeah, the refs cheated against the Warriors so much that all they did was helped them win 6 championship titles! Imagine if the refs actually called the game fairly and your team actually lost, imagine the tears from you crybabies! LMAO! A team that wins because of the refs is the one to cry about the refs! I guess you spoiled SOB's feel so entitled that any refs that don't guarantee your team an automatic win is now considered bad refs! Warriors: A bunch of crybaby faggots who feel the need to conceal their true identity with a mucho name!
  • San Diego
    San Diego 1 week ago @Grand Wonder you sure got triggered here, & CLEARLY are the worse crybaby in this entire thread - LOL i am NOT a GSW fan.... i actually dislike them, because they stacked an absurd roster. i'm a Lakers fan since 1979 when they drafted Magic. (although Lakers suck for almost a decade now).... and i am also a huge fan of ALL NBA & ALL NCAA basketball. i've been watching majority of pro & college games on TV, since the mid-70's.... i played 4 years of div 1 NCAA hoops in the 80's in the SW Conference, & played against players like Olajuwon, Drexler, Moncrief, Alvin Robertson, Joe Kline, Jon Koncak, & Terry Teagle. i know basketball far better than most fans. and i watch the Rockets play team after team (not just GSW) for past several seasons..... and Harden gets away with more travelling violations & more no calls on offensive fouls, than any player in history.... and he gets more bogus fouls called against his defenders (& then gets undeserved FT's), than any other player in NBA history. even Jordan & LBJ have never been catered to by Refs in past, like current NBA Refs ALWAYS cater to Harden, in almost every game he plays. i actually like Harden as person.... it is NOT HIS FAULT the Refs are so biased in his favor.... and he is not an idiot, or team cancer, he never complains vehemently about much of anything, nor blames others, etc.... and he is always good with media in his answering all their absurd questions in press conferences & interviews. although i definitely believe he is one of the most overrated players in NBA history, that gets so many beneficial calls by Refs, that drastically improve his stats & performance.... he is definitely a top 6-8 player in NBA now.... but he is NOT in the top 3-4 players.... and him winning MVP last year & being top-2 candidate this year with Giannis is absurd, and only happens because the Refs favorable treatment of him, allows his stats to far surpass, what he should be getting.
  • FishCatcher 10
    FishCatcher 10 1 week ago @San Diego Have you seen the way the refs called the foul calls for Durant? 65% of the time they called fouls for him and he wasn't even touched! So don't come crying about the refs with me cause I've seen how they always cheated for the Warriors!
  • roadstone
    roadstone 1 week ago To say Houston doesn't have a chance to win a title with this team is pure ignorance and stupidity. They were ONE GAME away from a title. JUST ONE. We all know either team gets past the Cavs easily. I honestly can't believe how unrealistic and idiotic some people are in comment sections lmaooooo
  • FishCatcher 10
    FishCatcher 10 1 week ago @roadstone Last year, if Chris Paul's hamstring didn't give out the Rockets would have won game 6 and taken a 4-2 series win against the Warriors! If the Warriors felt so superior to the Rockets then how come they always the first one to beg a top free agent to sign with them? They signed Cousins for a reason --- because they felt the Rockets would whip them if they stuck with the exact same team that they had last year!
  • Fader F5
    Fader F5 1 week ago I’m glad someone notices that he pushes defenders
  • Simon Geldof
    Simon Geldof 1 week ago Wait til we get the title this year without help of the refs you gws dicksucker
  • maverick goose
    maverick goose 1 week ago Facts bro...but in the playoffs they dont blow the whistles easily...thats is why rockets ia not winning anything
  • aravind sridharan
    aravind sridharan 1 week ago FishCatcher 10 if iggy didn’t get hurt it would’ve been a 6 game series for the warriors
  • Lucio Kamus
    Lucio Kamus 1 week ago @Grand Wonder it's true,they choked, flopped & crying wimpy dumbfounding toddler like!!!
  • Lucio Kamus
    Lucio Kamus 1 week ago (edited) @San Diego thanks bruh!what's app dough!good basketball insight bruh inside and outside of ya reciprocated y'all for us ya'd been stranding!!!hearty congrats by your experts mid pack fang tusk canine Giant Wolves 😎
  • 99keltin
    99keltin 1 week ago Grand Wonder do you ever use facts? Here is a free fact for you... you are getting roasted throughout every comment in this video lol!
  • locke cole
    locke cole 1 week ago @Grand Wonder loving the way you cry hahahaha
  • PJ skrtt
    PJ skrtt 1 week ago wowowow when the rockets are winning, ppl like u quiet asf. but then when they're losing ya'll start barking like some fuckin dog hahahaha. is that how bored you are? looking for an opportunity to hate smh hahahaha
  • Jeremy Fuller
    Jeremy Fuller 1 week ago @Grand Wonder nice essay, loser
  • Adam Grannis
    Adam Grannis 1 week ago @Grand Wonder Wow, cool comment. You should think about some deep breathing exercises you loon.
  • Dxreks
    Dxreks 1 week ago @Grand Wonder But yet you're crying rn because your team is trash with or without refs also...
  • Dxreks
    Dxreks 1 week ago @FishCatcher 10 Crybabyyyy
  • Dxreks
    Dxreks 1 week ago @Simon Geldof Crybaby
  • Tom Benson
    Tom Benson 1 week ago (edited) @FishCatcher 10 meanwhile the rockets got worse by giving away two of their best wing defenders and signing melo. As someone mentioned if iggy wasn't injured the rockets wouldn't have won 3 let alone 4 games in that series.
  • Lucio Kamus
    Lucio Kamus 1 week ago (edited) @99keltin shut the fuck noob naivety, slouchy gauche nonchalant unwordly!!! For ya repentance day arrived y'all I'm ranging ya with my heavy blunt dick head of ax hewing in your blunt candy-ass down,ya pass not a niminy-piminy sissy pansy namy- pamby panty-waist lol lol lol get out dirty pantie!!! Love love Get out limp-wristed lol lol
  • Jesus sandals on my feet
    Jesus sandals on my feet 1 week ago @Lucio Kamus what demon pissed in yo oatmeal delux?
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago San Diego it’s fine. NBA needs to make league exciting for regular season. Harden at least gives some scripted rivalry for warriors. They just don’t do it in the playoffs. Hence why harden always chokes in playoffs. His main source of points is cut off
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago Grand Wonder LOL omg man. Is this even worth your time? Do u feel better now after writing this desperate post? You do realize you sound like every other salty fan who always usss “bandwagon” this or that. Shit is usesss to say
  • Tom Yamaguchi
    Tom Yamaguchi 4 days ago FishCatcher 10 naw once iggy went down warriors started losing that series until they found a new rhythm. Iggy is way more important to that series going 7