Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare Game Unboxing

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We Play Blumhouse's Truth or Dare? Courtesy of Universal

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Truth or Dare (2017) Syfy Original Movie Review

Truth or Dare is a new original Syfy movie produced as part of their Halloween month. I went into it not expecting much, but it really surprised me. It's not going on anyone's top ten list, but it was surprisingly competently put together, with characters that were interesting and competent enough to keep me engaged through the whole thing. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they give us a sequel to this one. || More Human Echoes stuff: || Become a member for BONUS PODCASTS: || Patreon: Bad Ideas Podcast on iTunes: Buy some T-shirts: Follow us on Mixer for all of our live streams:: Watch the Podcast: Watch Dirt Block: Watch Dwarf Fortress: You can also follow the Human Echoes Peeps on Twitter! @HumanEchoes @tsouthcotte @albert_berg @josephdevon @ptbarpun

Gravity Falls Complete Series Blu Ray Unboxing

My unboxing of Gravity Falls The Complete Series Collector’s Edition. Can you decipher what the bold letters on the back of the blu ray box say?

Fifty Days of play

From Mild to spicy, this card game will keep your love life new and fun

Truth or Dare Review - RED CARPET MOVIE REVIEWS - The Showstopper Shawn Valentino

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Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare Game Unboxing - Universal was kind enough to send me this awesome Truth Or Dare Game Box! The movie looks creepy cool and I had a lot of fun opening this, so I hope you'll enjoy. There will be a follow up video on this within a couple of weeks times! Thanks for watching everybody!! And thanks Universal for the free Truth Or Dare Game!!! You're awesome! XOXO



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