Our Wizard PRO a must for all appliance repairmen, both new techs and professionals. This Lenovo tablet gives you instant access to over 9,000 of the newest service manuals, hundreds of how-to on-the-job videos, and easy diagnostic tricks that will teach you exactly what to do on each service call. It comes preloaded with 17gb of data and is completely independent of the internet. It's like having a master appliance repair tech in your back pocket at all times and allows you to immediately start running service calls!

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  • sojourner1511
    sojourner1511 5 months ago I've missed you uncle Harry. Happy to hear from you again.
  • Shaun Short
    Shaun Short 4 months ago I purchased Uncle Harry's program back in 2015 after wasting money on other so called professional courses and expensive manuals. The Repair School was the best step by step guide to starting a business, you could literally plug and play any prospect and be successful. But the best part of the program is the Repair Wizard. It is by far the best tool in my truck not that i need it for every job or every week for that matter, but having access to hundreds of service manuals and videos not dependent on WiFi has speed up my productivity by at least 50%. That and those of us that know everything 😉 can still have a long day and need a quick glace at diagnostic tree. Thanks again Uncle Harry I will constantly update and supply my techs with the Wizard. You and your staff have always been helpful and professional.
  • Chris Yockey
    Chris Yockey 3 months ago Our oven decided to go on self-cleaning mode whenever the mood hit it. After calling the local appliance repair company, the next available appointment was two days away. I knew this was an opportunity. There is a need for more appliance technicians. After doing my research, I purchased Uncle Harrys Premium-Platinum Program which included manuals and a resource book that covered all appliances. I also received the Appliance Mobile Wizard Tablet. This easy to use device has guided me through many appliance repair calls. All the information provided with the repair program is packed in this tablet. It doesn’t rely on the internet, so I can use it anywhere. I must be ready to repair many different types of appliances. The wizard tablet provides me with instant answers. Chris Yockey ARROWHEAD APPLIANCE REPAIR
  • Mike Gross & Son's Heating & Cooling Mike Gross
    Mike Gross & Son's Heating & Cooling Mike Gross 5 months ago How do I learn more about this?
  • Bob Kern
    Bob Kern 5 months ago Hey Mike! Give me a call tomorrow and i would be happy to answer any questions you have. 410-404-5426.
  • Mike Gross & Son's Heating & Cooling Mike Gross
    Mike Gross & Son's Heating & Cooling Mike Gross 5 months ago Ok sure will. THANKS!
  • Lieutenant Lawson
    Lieutenant Lawson 5 months ago I just want the wizard Harry. What's the price sir?
  • Bob Kern
    Bob Kern 5 months ago Sure! It is $799 plus shipping. The link to purchase is below. Please feel free to call or text with any questions! 410-404-5426
  • Harry Raker
    Harry Raker 4 months ago Hey Wes! Just a heads up, our new wizard pro is currently on sale fro $699 through November 20th
  • Under the 5th Rib
    Under the 5th Rib 5 months ago
  • Harry Raker
    Harry Raker 4 months ago If I were Cornerstone Appliance I would be calling my attorney. One thing I find quite humorous about the Samurai is the size of his ego. Appliance repair can be mastered without getting high tech and I can prove it. I've been training pros for over 30 years.