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How to ROOT Any Android Device Without A Computer |One Touch Root (2018)

TESTED & WORKING AS OF 2018 Be The Cool Guy Who Gives Thumbs Up to Videos || Do SUBSCRIBE For More Subscribe To TheAndroidGuy For Future Updates- GET KINGROOT HERE - *App With The Same name is on playstore,Its not the same app. *DO Watch The Complete Video Before Starting!! How to Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE - How To Get PAID APPS For FREE Legally - Installing Android v6 Marshmallow On My Phone - Subscribe To TheAndroidGuy For Future Updates- How to ROOT ANY SAMSUNG Device ||Universal Samsung Rooting Guide - How to Install A Custom ROM On Any Android Device- How To Increase RAM On Your Android Phone (Upto 4 GB)- How to Change From KingRoot to SuperSU- HOW TO UN-ROOT - The Easiest Way To Root Any Android Device Without A Computer (2016) - The Android Guy Needs Your Help (Support The Android Guy) - Most of the Android devices will be rooted through KingRoot app.However if your device has a double locked bootloader then kingroot might fail,If your device didn't get rooted Then NO worries you can try out the alternative root methods Linked Below [OR] Try Kingroot PC Version[Video Coming out soon] .Do SUBSCRIBE,more Videos on the way. Alternative Root Method - Kingroot PC Edition- [Roots Most Devices With Single Locked Bootloaders] [Tutorial on the way] If you have any questions,i will be happy to help,Post it down in the Comments.Stay subscribed more AndroidTech Videos On the way. . KingRoot is a root tool for "lazy people" who just want to get root access but don't want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It can work on almost all device from Android 2.x – 5.0. Working of KingRoot based on system exploit. The most suitable Root strategy will be deployed from cloud to your device according to your ROM information. So, it’s necessary to keep net connection during root process. What’s more, KingRoot(app) will not trip Samsung KNOX and have ability to close Sony_RIC perfectly. Meanwhile, unroot operation also can be done easily by just click the button in the menu of KingRoot. PURIFY is an optimized tool for your Android OS. She can help you to save battery power, improve device standby time, increase speed and return your device to it's pure state. PURIFY works only with ROOT access so if your device is not rooted, you must obtain it before using PURIFY. You can obtain ROOT access through KingRoot . First and foremost, the first thing we can do is extend standby time and save your battery power. Through purifying apps that insist on running in the background, we can save RAM for you and let your device run faster than ever! Moreover, for the applications that utilize larger than average amounts of RAM, these too can also run smoothly after purifying mode is implemented. PURIFY can also help you archive notifications and give you a clean notification bar. . In this video i will show you how to root your Android phone or tablet easily.It will work on most of the Android devices.It will automatically install superSU and give your full control of your devices so that you can customize,install custom roms, recovery .It works On Samsung, HTC Sony Motorola Micromax, Xaiomi Asus LG and Others.Its a full do watch the complete video before startingNo Computer is needed,No USB,No flashing Shot method,No risk,No Brick,Fast And Sleek.FastRooting.SafeRooting . How to Get PLAYSTORE GiftCards For FREE(Must Watch) - Some Of My Other Videos (You May like them) 10 Hidden Android Features - How to Kick People Off Your Wifi - Save Upto 90% Data On Android - 5 Quick Tips - TOP 10 Android Games That You Should be Playing NOW- How to Get Playstore GiftCards For FREE Legally- . THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!!!

KingRoot и Kingo Root все что нужно знать,прежде чем ROOT получать!

Правда что одна программа может нанести вред смартфону а другая без болезненно получить рут права,так чем воспользоваться и что нужно знать?Перед процедурой получения рут-прав во избежании кирпича! ************************ СКАЧАТЬ kingroot ************************ СКАЧАТЬ kingo Root

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||Kingroot failed problem solve||root all Android phones by janseva live

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should ROOT ANY Android Phone

Here Is a Top 10 List of Reasons Why You Should Root Your Galaxy S4, S3 & ANY Android Phone. Rooting is amazing & can bring so many benefits not very many people are aware of, see why here! ROOT Your S4 HERE:

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