Charming Log House With Modern Interior Design And Natural Colour | Perfect Small House Design

Published on Jan 6, 2019 21,480 views

Interior designed Jonna Kivilahti was invited to design the interior for Honka Vista in the Honka showroom area in Tuusula, Finland. The showroom area next to the Honka main office has existed since the sixties and was renovated completely in 2017
In the living room, dining area and kitchen the log was left in its natural colour. As contrasting elements, the house has a massive glass wall, black kitchen, a greyish parquet floor and white walls.
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  • Vagabondo5591
    Vagabondo5591 2 months ago Log house? Wooden house yes, but not a log in sight.
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  • Neill Hames
    Neill Hames 2 weeks ago Has this house been built using the traditional method to build a log house?
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    Amaliamukti Sukhla 2 months ago Hows the layout
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    Lesley Watson 1 month ago Lovely!
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