💪🏼RONALDO HAT-TRICK HERO!💪🏼(Juventus vs Atletico Madrid 3-0 Parody Song Goals Highlights)

Published on Mar 13, 2019 1,372,542 views

Cristiano Ronaldo scores three to beat Atleti in the Champions League Last 16 2019! Two headers and a penalty!
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  • TryHard Biscuit
    TryHard Biscuit 1 week ago Ronaldo just loves scoring hattricks against atlético doesn't he? 😂😂😂
  • Box V69
    Box V69 1 week ago TryHard Biscuit Yup
  • Isip
    Isip 1 week ago Who dosen't?
  • Ricardo Hoàng
    Ricardo Hoàng 1 week ago Uh oh sad melons life for Simeone!
  • SyFyGaming
    SyFyGaming 1 week ago But I don't bro
  • xHicham
    xHicham 1 week ago TryHard Biscuit Jj
    KEVIN ABISHEK J A D 1 week ago Isip Messi
    MIL YHA 1 week ago Ya he was
  • Chanaa Maran
    Chanaa Maran 1 week ago Everyone loves scoring hattricks but not everyone can
  • MrFootball 8
    MrFootball 8 1 week ago No
  • Gamer Boy 07
    Gamer Boy 07 1 week ago Lol
  • Overwatch
    Overwatch 1 week ago yup xD
  • 1943 ERommel
    1943 ERommel 1 week ago 33 Games 24 Goals for him
  • Chatrox
    Chatrox 1 week ago What's the song actually called irl?
  • Aaron Kramer
    Aaron Kramer 1 week ago @KEVIN ABISHEK J A D messi has definetely scored hattricks against atletico madrid
  • Yosef Storgaard
    Yosef Storgaard 1 week ago It's the 4th in his career and he now has more Champions League goals than Atlético Madrid as well. Ronaldo: 124 UCL Goals Atlético: 118 UCL Goals
  • Paolo H
    Paolo H 1 week ago I'm a Messi fan...but I have to admit Ronaldo is the greatest player of all time because he consistently steps up when it matters most & has now done it in three top leagues whereas Messi has stayed in his La Liga comfort zone suckling on that safe Barca titty...shame on you Lionel you are way more talented, but Cristiano has even driven a shite Portugal team to the Euro Champs...shame on you Lionel again, allowing that arrogant, shitty human being to best you with pure unshakeable overconfidence, drive & ambition!
  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci 1 week ago @Paolo H stop it. you are too pathetic right now.
  • Sam A
    Sam A 1 week ago (edited) @Isip Messi. He doesn't score hattricks against Atletico. In fact, he gets eliminated vs them in the UCL.
  • timmy cat12
    timmy cat12 1 week ago 😂😂😂😂
  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar 1 week ago @Sam A Lol, Messi has talent but Ronaldo is just pure hardwork and dedication, nothing can beat that. Ronaldo definitely deserved those hat-tricks
  • bev porter
    bev porter 1 week ago Lol
  • J143
    J143 6 days ago How does this. Get 3k likes
  • Antonio Games
    Antonio Games 6 days ago FORZA JUVENTUS ❤️❤️🙂
  • Saul Vitales
    Saul Vitales 4 days ago TryHard Biscuit Ronaldo is atlético kriptonite(I know it’s spelled wrong)
  • ThxForEasyKill
    ThxForEasyKill 2 days ago You can say so
  • Finola McNamara
    Finola McNamara 19 hours ago And on a Tuesday
  • Simon Flatau
    Simon Flatau 1 week ago 2030: Ronaldo comes out of retirement to score another hat trick against atletico Madrid to send them out of the cl
  • Rnbsoccerstar7
    Rnbsoccerstar7 1 week ago Haha
  • 500 Subscriber with no video
    500 Subscriber with no video 1 week ago Simon Flatau LOL
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 1 week ago 😆😆😆😂😂😂
  • Maestrosity Gaming
    Maestrosity Gaming 1 week ago @Rnbsoccerstar7 Ron said he wanted to play top tier football till 50
  • Gopal Prabhu Iy
    Gopal Prabhu Iy 1 week ago @Maestrosity Gaming 40*
    RONALDO FANNZZ 😘 1 week ago LOL
  • rashid zaidi
    rashid zaidi 1 week ago @jafarrizviii
  • Luke Freddy
    Luke Freddy 1 week ago 😂😂😂👍
  • Adam Ozil
    Adam Ozil 1 day ago @Gopal Prabhu Iy 45👌
  • Temwani Chirwa
    Temwani Chirwa 1 week ago The last 4 players to score a hat trick against Atletico 1 Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Cristiano Ronaldo 3 Cristiano Ronaldo 4 Cristiano Ronaldo
  • P9 Zain
    P9 Zain 1 week ago And don’t forget this one player named Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Francisco Sousa
    Francisco Sousa 1 week ago @P9 Zain this is, he's not joking. There's only one player I that dropped an hat trick in the Simeone era I believe
  • 500 Subscriber with no video
    500 Subscriber with no video 1 week ago Francisco Sousa I think he knows
  • Mikel2602
    Mikel2602 1 week ago Ah I think you got 4 wrong. I'm pretty sure its CRISTANO RONALDO
  • Pikachudardis
    Pikachudardis 1 week ago YOU FORGOT CHRISTIANO RONALDO
  • Ana Laura Ferraz
    Ana Laura Ferraz 1 week ago OI
  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 1 week ago Arsène wenger is pleased
  • andy tiniacos
    andy tiniacos 1 week ago (edited) I think you are missing Cristiano Ronaldo let me check edit:how is Cristiano Ronaldo not in there?You missed him
  • Muhammad Rizky Arifudin
    Muhammad Rizky Arifudin 1 week ago @Big Smoke where's CJ?
  • MTA 10
    MTA 10 1 week ago Thats only one player
  • The Football Planet
    The Football Planet 1 week ago @Pikachudardis you spelled it wrong
  • naruto amv
    naruto amv 1 week ago @MTA 10 r/whoooosh
  • Fuck Legacy
    Fuck Legacy 1 week ago Temwani Chirwa loooool
  • Ishaan Chadha
    Ishaan Chadha 1 week ago Francisco Sousa no even messi scored a hattrick against atleti in 2012
  • Jovan Leon
    Jovan Leon 1 week ago @Ishaan Chadha Messi never scored a hattrick to Someone's Atletico
  • Spidey dude Nof
    Spidey dude Nof 1 week ago Muhammad Rizky Arifudin he should have followed the damn train
  • VaskoFC
    VaskoFC 1 week ago U forgot CrIsTiAnO rOnAlDo
  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar 1 week ago 😂😂😂
  • bev porter
    bev porter 1 week ago Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron hatricks xinfinity
  • Ануар Бостанбаев
    Ануар Бостанбаев 6 days ago yes
  • Loc Lol
    Loc Lol 6 days ago @MTA 10 r/wooosh
  • JoshsNow
    JoshsNow 3 days ago 5. Lionel Messi
  • Jan Adam
    Jan Adam 1 week ago Wolsburg 2:0 Real Madrid Real Madrid 3:0 Wolsburg 3 goals CR7 Later.... Atletico Madrid 2:0 Juventus Juventus 3:0 Atletico Madrid 3 goals CR7 🤣
  • Fabio Coppola
    Fabio Coppola 1 week ago Real Madrid - Bayern Munchen 4-2 3 goals of CR7
  • Shree Pranav
    Shree Pranav 1 week ago The CR7 EFFECT
  • Jan Adam
    Jan Adam 1 week ago Fabio Coppola YES but no 2:0 and CR7 3 goals🙉
  • Yousef Al
    Yousef Al 1 week ago Fabio coppola 2 were offside Bayern should've got through
    HELLO THERE 1 week ago @Yousef Al No
  • Vũ Tùng
    Vũ Tùng 1 week ago Yousef Al you’re blind
  • Prithvi Sundar
    Prithvi Sundar 1 week ago And 4 Hattricks against Atletico Madrid. Three through RM and one through Juve
  • Lasseboss
    Lasseboss 3 days ago Jan Adam I’m a Wolfsburg fan and 2 : 0 was amazing
  • Vũ Tùng
    Vũ Tùng 3 days ago Yousef Al wanna hear the joke? you’re born and your mother offside
  • Saul Vitales
    Saul Vitales 2 days ago Jan Adam behind the scenes Ronaldo gets an extra million in his check for every hat trick he scores on A Madrid
  • bev porter
    bev porter 2 days ago Here's ronny
  • Saul Vitales
    Saul Vitales 2 days ago (edited) bev porter Diego :why Ronny
  • bev porter
    bev porter 1 day ago It's the hattrick herp
  • Saul Vitales
    Saul Vitales 1 day ago bev porter If Atletico Madrid ever get into a finals Ronaldo will show up and play for the other team and destroy them with 3 hat tricks
  • Intikhab Hussain
    Intikhab Hussain 1 week ago Who's better Like = Ronaldo Comment = Ronaldo
  • Rafael Nistor
    Rafael Nistor 1 week ago Messi
  • Alex The Sever
    Alex The Sever 1 week ago @Rafael Nistor you are stupid
  • Rnbsoccerstar7
    Rnbsoccerstar7 1 week ago @Alex The Sever Haha
  • Alex The Sever
    Alex The Sever 1 week ago @Rnbsoccerstar7hahahaHhaha
  • Jaff Nino
    Jaff Nino 1 week ago Rafael Nistor Aaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhha
    RONALDO FANNZZ 😘 1 week ago Both😉
  • der geile penner
    der geile penner 1 week ago Messi
  • Inkaphyx
    Inkaphyx 6 days ago @Alex The Sever you are a virgin and a retard.
  • bartoXX
    bartoXX 4 days ago CR7👌😎👍💪
  • hamza salman
    hamza salman 4 days ago CR7
  • Alaa Kzaar
    Alaa Kzaar 3 days ago I did both
  • Tyler Holum
    Tyler Holum 3 days ago Messi
  • Mr. Yeet’d
    Mr. Yeet’d 1 day ago Ibarbo
  • i ran out of ideas
    i ran out of ideas 1 week ago Let's be real, who DIDN'T see a Ronaldo hattrick coming?
  • yuwa GARRICK
    yuwa GARRICK 1 week ago 😂 😂 Yeah
  • Magdoiu Valentin
    Magdoiu Valentin 1 week ago Like 2016
  • Magdoiu Valentin
    Magdoiu Valentin 1 week ago Weee miss you roni rma
  • Gibrane Khoda
    Gibrane Khoda 1 week ago Well lot of people were saying juventus were done lol
  • 442oons
    442oons 1 week ago Simeone...
  • Dope Music
    Dope Music 1 week ago Everybody except athleti
  • Bryan Gohhh46
    Bryan Gohhh46 1 week ago Me lol
  • Maaz Anwar
    Maaz Anwar 1 week ago i
  • Johnbesto Gaming
    Johnbesto Gaming 1 week ago Me
  • Purushothaman Venkatakrishnan
    Purushothaman Venkatakrishnan 1 week ago I didn't see it coming because Allegri doesn't use Ronaldo's potential to the fullest.
  • Max Games
    Max Games 1 week ago Me
  • greatpersianbadass/Persie
    greatpersianbadass/Persie 1 week ago Meee😂😂
  • LC productions 17
    LC productions 17 1 week ago I am cr7 fan but I wasn't expecting this
  • Capital Black
    Capital Black 1 week ago I just won 100£ and another 50£
  • Stavros 011
    Stavros 011 1 week ago It was Tuesday and ronaldo played vs Athelti
  • Lawand Kurd
    Lawand Kurd 1 week ago Not me
  • Ricardo Hoàng
    Ricardo Hoàng 1 week ago Obviously Simeone
  • Yoloman05 G
    Yoloman05 G 1 week ago Me
  • Rohan Jha
    Rohan Jha 1 week ago Real madrid
  • KLEVI _04
    KLEVI _04 1 week ago Juventus fans
  • Mohammed Almustafa
    Mohammed Almustafa 1 week ago Right he has done it before in real
  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut 1 week ago I talked to a friend of mine yesterday about the posibility of this happening but I never thought that this will really happen.
  • Salim Maleka
    Salim Maleka 1 week ago me
  • RaidForFun EDITS
    RaidForFun EDITS 1 week ago i ran out of ideas lets by REAL lol
  • Kaushik Das
    Kaushik Das 1 week ago Yes, it was a matter of how rather than if. At least a brace was surely on the cards.
  • Farhan C
    Farhan C 1 week ago Yea
  • Itz Lil Hiney
    Itz Lil Hiney 1 week ago 1,000 like
  • Chatrox
    Chatrox 1 week ago Me
  • No Body
    No Body 1 week ago I thought he was gonna score 1-2 but not 3!!!!! My idol CR7💖
  • I come from hell
    I come from hell 1 week ago Who did'nt
  • Sean Nolan
    Sean Nolan 1 week ago Me
  • G S
    G S 1 week ago Barka Fans ofcourse.
  • you know who
    you know who 1 week ago I won two bets on it. lol.
  • Osahon Agho
    Osahon Agho 1 week ago Ronaldo always thrases athletico madrid
  • Lord Brain
    Lord Brain 1 week ago i ran out of ideas most Ronaldo fans were expecting but definitely not Atlèti.
  • Bread
    Bread 1 week ago Me
  • Huzeafah Tv
    Huzeafah Tv 1 week ago At the start of the game I was hoping for ronaldo to score a hat trick
  • Glorox 245671
    Glorox 245671 1 week ago I did predict Ronaldo hattrick and a chellini goal
  • Ljubomir Stjepanovic
    Ljubomir Stjepanovic 1 week ago I knew that CR7 is gonna have a hattrick
  • Σταύρος Καραόκης
    Σταύρος Καραόκης 1 week ago Me me me me me me
  • Kahn Maldos
    Kahn Maldos 1 week ago I saw it coming
  • Zayan Khan
    Zayan Khan 1 week ago Me
  • Chavadas9 Kavv vv e
    Chavadas9 Kavv vv e 1 week ago me
  • Dr. Complex
    Dr. Complex 1 week ago I thought he would score and have an excellent game, but Atletico would hold on, well, that's what makes Ronaldo Ronaldo, he makes the impossible possible.
  • Leighton Playz
    Leighton Playz 1 week ago Huh i wanted griezmann to liverpool like if agree comment if not
  • the emerald cow fornite and more
    the emerald cow fornite and more 1 week ago Was that pun meant
  • Fuck Mbappe
    Fuck Mbappe 1 week ago oh yeah yeah yeah
  • Claud
    Claud 1 week ago I saw the Hattrick, but I didn't saw real.
    MESSI MAGIC 1 week ago I did I told my friend to
  • Tommy Robinson
    Tommy Robinson 1 week ago Then why didn't you bet? If you saw it coming..
  • andy tiniacos
    andy tiniacos 1 week ago @Max Games oh no no
  • dercio Dias
    dercio Dias 1 week ago I ser it, and i bet on it ;)
  • Stockyy
    Stockyy 1 week ago I didn't
  • Hamza Osman
    Hamza Osman 1 week ago i ran out of ideas I saw it coming
  • MS7
    MS7 1 week ago yeh ikr
  • Starfire tm
    Starfire tm 1 week ago Oh Yeah Nahui
  • Mori Playz
    Mori Playz 1 week ago I actually predicted that haha
  • Eder Manuel
    Eder Manuel 1 week ago Atletis Defence 😂
  • Lasseboss
    Lasseboss 1 week ago i ran out of ideas I actually said to my friends „It’s no big deal, Ronaldo will just score a Hattrick“
  • Rekin
    Rekin 1 week ago Me
  • andy tiniacos
    andy tiniacos 1 week ago @Chavadas9 Kavv vv e oh no no
  • Alaa Kzaar
    Alaa Kzaar 3 days ago I did when I told my friends they laghed at me for 2 days straight I told them je gonna do it and I tjimk simeone forgot that juve have the top scrore of the champions league what a dumbass
  • Max McClean
    Max McClean 1 week ago Whenever Real Madrid, Juventus Or Portugal needed Ronaldo he scored hatricks.
  • De CosmoS bWoy
    De CosmoS bWoy 5 days ago YeaH bro...Thr Goat
  • J Vids
    J Vids 1 week ago Doesn’t Ronaldo just love to crush Atletico’s dreams...😂
  • Alaa Kzaar
    Alaa Kzaar 3 days ago At this point yeah
  • Amo Kong
    Amo Kong 1 week ago (edited) Diego: This is the third time today! Ronaldo: hat-trick 🤣🤣🤣
  • M 42
    M 42 1 week ago 2016 UCL -First match: 2-0 for Wolfsburg. Next match: 3-0 for Real Madrid, Ronaldo score 3 goals 2019 UCL -First match: 2-0 for Atletico Madrid. Next match: 3-0 for Juventus, Ronaldo score 3 goals 😅😅😅😅 LoL
  • Alaa Kzaar
    Alaa Kzaar 3 days ago Another day in the office
  • blaaa aahh
    blaaa aahh 1 week ago Simeone's melon shop could get him a new player.
  • Tommaso Schena
    Tommaso Schena 1 week ago Maybe if he sells bananas Monkeyman Bale will sign for Atletico
  • Arpankit
    Arpankit 1 week ago @Tommaso Schena haha
    SHERIFF HAIDARA 1 week ago This cracks me up Lol.😂
    SHERIFF HAIDARA 1 week ago @Tommaso Schena Too savage Lol.😂
  • Rajakumar Loganathan
    Rajakumar Loganathan 1 week ago Griezmann is getting Melon D'or
  • edward richtofen
    edward richtofen 1 week ago Atleti sell not buy😂🤣
  • bev porter
    bev porter 1 day ago My karius
  • Rypio 39
    Rypio 39 1 week ago All talking about Ronaldo but the whole juventus team played great.
  • Gero Stuffy
    Gero Stuffy 1 week ago It is true that even a team that play great needs someone who deliver, but it also true that without that juventus team performance, Ronaldo couldn't have done anything, like in the first leg.
    RONALDO FANNZZ 😘 1 week ago Truee The defense tho Amazing Forcajuve 👌
  • zoro italiano
    zoro italiano 1 week ago Atletico took the wrong approach. They should have attacked juve
  • Negro 41
    Negro 41 1 week ago Knocking out Atletico in the CL with a hattrick at the age of 34.... WOW !
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
    Heinz Doofenshmirtz 1 week ago CR7 is so damn good. Like, he's like a cheat code. SIIII!
  • LinkinPack
    LinkinPack 1 week ago The day Ronaldo scored a hat-trick The day 442oons has the 1000th video of their channel. WHAT A MILESTONE!
  • Srikar Hasthi
    Srikar Hasthi 1 week ago And griezmann says he is in the same level as Messi and Ronaldo 😂
  • Guns Linger
    Guns Linger 1 week ago 0:19 he deserve that
  • Nadiim Goolamhossen
    Nadiim Goolamhossen 1 week ago Lol
  • Ricardo Hoàng
    Ricardo Hoàng 1 week ago @Guns Linger Yes thanks CR7 for stopping that stupid dance
  • Elite Martial
    Elite Martial 1 week ago Ya he's a level above
  • CyberGlock1
    CyberGlock1 1 week ago No one will ever reach the Level of those two Demi-gods
  • Асенцето Asentseto
    Асенцето Asentseto 1 week ago Srikar Hasthi Yeah... Griezmann was absolutely INVISIBLE in that game. I can’t remember a moment when he touched the ball...
  • YourFwiend Kevin
    YourFwiend Kevin 1 week ago @Асенцето Asentseto Cristiano in the first game neither
  • Gokul Elangovan
    Gokul Elangovan 1 week ago Why can't ?
  • Ivan Mendez
    Ivan Mendez 1 week ago I am from Atletico Madrid and i hate that little stupid french.... Of course he is not on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo.
  • LOL Chris
    LOL Chris 1 week ago @Ricardo Hoàng TAKE THE L, better is take the elf coz is free😂😂😂👌
  • TheSlowNoob
    TheSlowNoob 1 week ago that is exactly what I said but I didn’t get no likes ;(
  • Ricardo Hoàng
    Ricardo Hoàng 1 week ago @LOL Chris At least you tried 👏👏
  • NM- ORIS
    NM- ORIS 1 week ago And Messi snd Ronaldo does nit have 1 World Cup
  • Ricardo Hoàng
    Ricardo Hoàng 1 week ago @NM- ORIS Ask Buffon how hard to win the UCL!
  • MS7
    MS7 1 week ago no fkn way
  • Gajraj Jaiswal
    Gajraj Jaiswal 1 week ago He means Thaigo messi and cristiano ronaldo jr.
  • Sketchy Zero
    Sketchy Zero 1 week ago Even a messi fan would think think that’s stupid
  • Merry mauderer
    Merry mauderer 1 week ago Griezmann is on crack again
  • Farihin Rauzi
    Farihin Rauzi 1 week ago yes he same level like ronaldo and messi but the problem is defend am is bullshit
  • Lionel Andrés Messi
    Lionel Andrés Messi 1 week ago 0:20
    RONALDO FANNZZ 😘 1 week ago Right LOL
  • Mido The Football Genius
    Mido The Football Genius 1 week ago Good player no where even scratching the surface of Messi and Ronaldo
  • Demis Nikolaidis
    Demis Nikolaidis 1 week ago @NM- ORIS and Griezman will never have a Champions League
  • Gibrane Khoda
    Gibrane Khoda 9 hours ago @Mehrab Hossain Alvy I think it is I need a hero Bonnie Tyler
  • Arpankit
    Arpankit 1 week ago Now where are the haters speak now,forza juve ,🐐 cr7
  • Ian Salmeron
    Ian Salmeron 1 week ago Rapist lmao
  • Super N.
    Super N. 1 week ago @Ian Salmeron Yh. The raped Diego Simelone
  • witty
    witty 1 week ago @Ian Salmeron Yeah...raped all his haters including u😂😂😂.
  • Ian Salmeron
    Ian Salmeron 1 week ago witty 🤦‍♂️
  • Tommaso Cavagnetto
    Tommaso Cavagnetto 4 days ago Italiano?
  • Renee Leclerc
    Renee Leclerc 2 days ago 1 like = 1 watermelon 🍉🍉🍉 Can se get 25 likes?? =]
  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 1 week ago Ronaldo is worth than every single Euros!!💰💰💰
  • Nur Aimab
    Nur Aimab 1 week ago (edited) How many times that Ronaldo scores hatrick again Atletico again because I was laughing at Diego selling melons. 😂😂😂
    HELLO THERE 1 week ago 5 times i guess