My Christmas My Style 2018 | Ornament Garland

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#mychristmasmystyle2018 Hello, welcome to my channel. Today I am participating in a collaboration with So exciting! If you saw my recent haul video, you know I picked up this beautiful Christmas tree from Big Lots!....well, I did mention that I was going to make it my own, right? Well, I did just that today and I so hope you enjoy the transformation! Thank you so much for watching! I appreciate it!


4 CHRISTMAS DOLLAR TREE DIY IDEAS NOVEMBER 13 2018 Welcome to my Dollar Tree DIY Series! New Dollar Tree DIYs every Thursday and Friday 8:30AM PST :) WATCH YESTERDAY'SDIY VIDEO: ❌JOIN THE FRUGAL FAM TODAY, CLICK BELOW 👇🏾 #CHRISTMASDOLLARTREEDIYS #CHRISTMASDIYIDEAS #DOLLARTREEDIY HELPFUL TIPS: * I prefer hot glue for all my crafts, BUT it will not last for most plastic and metal projects. If you’re not crafting for fun like me, extend the life of your DIYS by using industrial strength glue. *For DIY #1, overlap the branches and interlock them to create thick coverage. *For the gold side for DIY #1, I used the tops of each branch. The bottom halves were used on the sides. FYI- I created 2 sides, to show you another option * For DIY #2, instead of the fly swatter handle, use any thick, flexible and sturdy rod you have. * In DIY #2, I have 13 rows, remove the 3rd row from the top and cut the excess rod for a low cut. Also glue the rows together after everything is in place. One more thing, use the gems to hide hot glue spots. *For DIY #3, like I mentioned in the video… is not my favorite DIY project. The tree frame is exposed, BUT this can be fixed by using more cotton rounds, creating a tighter fit. I added the gaps, because initially I wanted to add an led candle inside, so we light would beam out of the gaps. To conceal the frame, you could also leave the cotton round in a circle, it would cover more space that way. Lastly, I hot glued the tree topper in place, but didn’t show it in the video. * For DIY #4, CARFEULLY insert the floral wire in the center of each ball. My second ball was off centered. Also, measure the wire so it hangs ¼ of an inch at the bottom. Lastly, to keep the wire in place while working on the bulb, hot glue it at the bottom. * Go to Hobby lobby Joann Fabrics, or check Amazon, Etsy, and buy in bulk for gems, trim, beads and pearls! Buying at Dollar Tree isn’t always the cheapest option. I bought 1 pound of gems and pearls for $8 when they were 50% off and I paid $7 for of gems at joann when they were 70% off. Check out this video, I talk more about dollar deals at hobby lobby here: MY DOLLAR TREE DIY playlists: MATERIALS (From Dollar Tree, see exceptions): 2 circular candle holders Piece of cardboard Hot glue or other 3 Silver and 3 gold glitter branches (I didn’t use it all) Something to cut with Pencil Thick and sturdy wire (I used fly swatter handle, but you can also use a metal hanger) 59 small bulbs (not the mini ones). These come in 15 packs (4 packs) Hot glue or other Pliers Cardboard Circle shape Heavy Duty Wire Cutters (husbands tool box ) Something to cut with Pencil Snowflake gems Bulk gems (or Dollar tree Gems) Tinsel tree Cotton pads (I used 50) Gemstone adhesive stickers Hot glue or other Something to cut with Snowflake gems 3 foam balls in different sizes Floral wire (thicker in width) Hot glue or other brush Something to cut with White glue Gold glitter (hobby lobby) Hair spray Gemstone stickers Hanging hardware ❤️ FRUGAL FAM MAIL and PR mail, send it here: Please email me before you send something so I can schedule to pick it up. Otherwise, it might be returned back to you, since I am unable to frequently check my box. I’m sorry Rymingtahn P.O. Box 10449Ft. Irwin, CA 92310 Music: YouTube Audio SNAP CHAT: Rymingtahn INSTAGRAM: Rymingtahn and FrugalFriendlyZone (for Best Dollar Deals) FACEBOOK: Rymingtahn PINTEREST: Rymingtahn For personal and business inquiries, please contact me at This channel is about rymingtahn dollar tree hauls come with me to dollar tree Christmas dollar tree diy dollar tree kids diy dollar tree diy ideas gift ideas and more best dollar deals how to dollar tree diy decor how to dollar tree christams dollar tree diy ideas gift basket ideas and more best dollar deals google diy idea dollar tree shopping trips dollar tree diy ideas toy unboxing haul xmas dollar tree diy diea dollar tree toy haul dollar tree toy haul video google dollar tree squishy haul Christmas décor ideas dollar tree diy idea haul dollar tree squishy haul dollar tree haul and more best dollar deals dollar tree squishies haul Google DIY ideas vlog and haul dollar tree toy haul dollar tree mother’s day gift ideas dollar tree christmas decor haul dollar tree christmas diy decor dollar tree diy fall ideas dollar tree gift ideas dollar tree valentine’s day diy decor dollar tree Christmas diy idea brand names and Christmas dolar tree diy idea and more easy xmas home décor best dollar deals haul and more best dollar deals google DIY christmas decor haul shopping trip and more best dollar deals walmart shopping trip and more best dollar deals Diy Christmas ideas for

How To Create a Spectacular Christmas Garland for Your Mantel (Full Length)

You can shop Lisa's Christmas collection here:

How to Make Christmas Ornament Garland

The Christmas Place designers are back with another quick and easy decorating idea - using pipe cleaners or ribbon and ornaments to make an incredible garland! Choose coordinating colors, sizes, and finishes to make a custom garland for your tree, mantle, or any area that needs Christmas color.

My Christmas My Style 2018 Collaboration | Winter Wonderland Wreath #2

Hello everybody! Welcome to our Winter Wonderland 2018 Series! 🎅 This is our second Christmas 2018 video of many more to come and we hope that you are as happy with it as we are!🎄 This is a collaboration which is hosted by AMATEUR DECORATING LIKE A PRO so make sure to spread some love to her and to all the participants! *We got the tiny houses from one of our trips to Austria at a local home decor store from there. *We got the wreath last year from the Mobexpert Outlet (a local home decor store here in Romania, where we live). *The rotating spinners are from Amazon. Watch More Winter Wonderland Videos: 🎄Day 1: Make sure to tag us in pictures on Instagram to see your turns on this magical winter wreath! ♥️ Happy holidays! ♥️ We love you so much and we are undoubtedly grateful to have such a lovely community! 🤶 Subscribe Today! ► Follow us on Instagram ► clara.and.cristina Follow our blog ► Follow us on pinterest ► Clara & Cristina Contact us ► Music used ► If you have any questions or any requests, please feel free to let them in the comment section down below. xoxo C&C ❤️ #mychristmasmystyle2018





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