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Published on Jun 19, 2018 20 views

We invite you and your children to visit the fascinating world of building games. You can probably play these games about repair and construction and make your home comfortable with your creative ideas, because it is very interesting how exciting and exciting the kids can be for these wonderful development games and is a very interesting activity. We are proud to offer a new fascinating game about repair - "Evin repair".
In this wonderful cast, your kids play a wonderful role as a builder that the house has to repair for themselves and their family. There is a large, but very old multi-storey house under your command. Somewhere in a somewhat windowed place, plaster fell from the wall, broken and wired in place, and like a real home craftsman, starting with the basement and ending with the ceiling will have to fix everything and repair and building a very responsible and interesting course. In addition, your children will need to make repairs in all rooms, repair the broken furniture carefully, decorate the walls and do coloring and much more.
Home renovation will help your child to be a good young master and master craftsman, to repair at home or in the apartment will undoubtedly promote attention, intelligence and imagination will show how to develop other qualities to use them in adult life. brush and paint, a hammer and nail, screwdriver and electric drill - the whole arsenal of the use of real builder tools. All these tools will help you while you play.
To start playing a game about house repair, you need to download the application to your tablet or phone and load it. Play our game and become the best interior designer of your dream house.

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