Hey dudes, this is my first video in this style of producing like artists. I decided to pick Redlight as I have a love for classic good ole' british house. So here's a lil 16 track for you all:)

PS. Sorry for the stuttering, damn beginner nerves.

  • AJ
    AJ 6 months ago thanks for this, you're very easy to listen to and very helpful.
  • Miss Antidote
    Miss Antidote 6 months ago You did great <3
  • Julien Earle
    Julien Earle 6 months ago fire vid!
  • Kydark
    Kydark 6 months ago Julien Earle thanks bro:)
  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly 6 months ago good stuff
  • Kydark
    Kydark 6 months ago cheers man
  • Lapahn
    Lapahn 6 months ago herro